Cid’s Food Market

lee1Cid’s is an institution here in Taos.

From their humble beginnings as part of a food co-op, Cid and Betty Backer opened Cid’s in 1986 as a small family owned and run, local, organic grocery market. These days Cid’s is housed in a large modern building and carries everything from high-end (and locally made) natural skin care and cosmetic lines, to the largest source of the freshest organic meats, fish, dairy and produce to be found in the area.

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They  have a kitchen that caters and prepares food daily for the buffet bar where you can eat or take it to go. Check their website for daily options, but know that I’ve seen people fighting over the bacon-fried chicken that is served on Fridays. They cook East Indian food once a week as well. The salads are fresh and fabulous as are the dressings made in their kitchen and for sale in the store. Their in-house baked goods are delicious and there are gluten free options always. 

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Cids do a lot to support the community in general besides ensuring that even in the depths of Winter, when gardens are under snow and our farmer’s market is out of business until late spring, we always have an option for great, healthy food. On days when I’m pressed for time or too tired to cook, there’s nothing like a rotisserie chicken from Cid’s for an easy fix. That, a salad and perhaps a perfectly crusty baguette from the Sage Bakery, freshly made and delivered to Cid’s daily and all is right with the world.


The store is still owned and run by the Backer family and many of their original employees continue to work here. It goes without saying that the staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgable about the products they sell.


Cid and Betty Backer’s son, Lee manages the store now and although he’s mostly in his office, glued to his computer and phone, we managed to coax him downstairs for a photograph. That’s him in black and white, sitting in the sunny spot near the front windows, where the prepared food is served.

Visit Cid’s at their website linked below for much more information.


Photographs by Bill Curry





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