The Spirit Of The Desert



T.D. (Tracy) Olson Is a mixed media, fine artist who has been exhibiting her work since 1990. She’s taught workshops at the High Museum Of Art in Atlanta and at the Harwood Museum here in Taos.

She is also a jeweler, potter, printmaker, picture framer and gardener/herbalist. This alone is enough to make anyone exhausted at the thought of this boundless creativity, but when one learns that Tracy has long lived with a fatal diagnosis (and long defied it) of a chronic condition she’s had since childhood, one is awestruck by this woman’s determination to live each day celebrating life.


This truly, is the essence of Tracy’s art. Her paintings are unfolding journeys to the heart of healing, the germination of seeds kept in the dark until they sprout, grow and flourish only to die back, leaving more seeds.

Seeds of understanding, metamorphosis and renewal.


Her work is grounded in her connection to Nature, she says.

“I am curious and excited by rocks, leaves, seeds stars, roots, bones, dirt, wind, vastness, isolation, contrasts, transcendence and evolution…objects both observed and invented.”


The microcosm of seeds reflects the macrocosm of the Universe. The hidden and revealed are born in her process which is intuitive and happens directly on the canvas. Inspired by the Abstract Expressionists, the process is the most important and fulfilling aspect of making art, for this artist.

Bill Curry and I met Tracy at taoStyle Sponsor, Salon X last week. Her current show is hanging in the Salon/Gallery and is just stunning. The space is perfect for the work. We had come from a photo shoot with lovely Rita of Live Taos/KNCE and Tracy had just done a show on the radio station.


Dressed like Cat Woman on her day off (Tracy has an amazingly unique and individual sense of style) makeup and all, hair twisted up and held with a paintbrush, she posed happily for Billy as they bantered while he got these great shots!

Visit Salon X for more info on Tracy’s show, linked below.

Salon X


Photographs by Bill Curry


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