Tom Dixon Redux


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Tom Dixon is one of my favourite artists. I profiled him here on taoStyle early in the blog’s infancy. He’s an incredibly disciplined painter, totally committed to his process and the work he makes.

Instead of rehashing who he is and what he paints and why I think he’s important, I thought I’d take you on a little visit to the place he has lived and worked in for over three decades.

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In this tiny studio, Tom’s work is larger than life, both literally and figuratively. Even the small ones.

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Here, this artist is in a world of his own, pushing paint around on the canvas, working toward resolution.

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Three rooms. A man and a small dog live here. The distinctive smell of oil paint, turpentine and cooking. Soap. A studio wall, the top lined with windows facing north. A small door.

A bench covered with a fine old Navajo rug, a wooden chair, a primitive, rustic stool.

Behind a curtained door, a monastic bedroom.

As spartan as it gets.

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Tom gets up every day and goes to work. He takes breaks, goes for a walk, gets coffee. Comes back to his bolt hole and works some more. He lives for making art.

Tom Dixon is the real deal.

Read more about Tom on taostyle, December 2014

Tom Dixon

Tom shows at the 203 gallery in Taos, visit them at their site linked below



Photographs by Bill Curry