Art For The Heart

Glam Trash 2-16

The annual Art For The Heart, Glam Trash Fashion Show was held on August 22nd at the John Dunn Shops, and drew crowds and applause for the creative and stunning designs made from, well, trash.

Glam Trash 2-10

In 2001, Art for the Heart put on the first Glam Trash Fashion Show at the historic Martinez Hacienda in Taos.

Glam Trash 2-3

An immediate success, it has become a popular event here in Taos.

Glam Trash 2-19

Every year, participants create outfits from throwaway items, celebrating creativity while keeping issues such as waste and consumption in the forefront.

Glam Trash 2-2

It’s a fabulous, end of summer, community event and I thought it the perfect post for Labour Day, when millions of Americans spend the day rushing around (or online) shopping for more stuff.

Glam Trash 2-4

This year’s winner (film maker and editor Kiki Shakti), made her outfit from old film and canisters. That’s Kiki kissing the silver award.

Glam Trash 2-21

Heather Sparrow, Glam Trash’s official photog was on the scene and kindly shared these pics with taoStyle.

Glam Trash 2-7

For more info on Glam Trash, please visit their site below.


Photographs by Heather Sparrow