Jen Weddle, Sacred, mixed media

I’ve profiled Jen Weddle and her work here on taoStyle before, but her new pieces deserve more than a passing mention.


This Saturday, Jen’s one woman exhibition, entitled “Sacred” is opening at the Michael McCormick Gallery, and the gallery is throwing a full on bash in her honor from 4-8pm with live music by The Damn Band.

Jen shows exclusively at the Michael McCormick Gallery here in Taos and her work is coveted by collectors from near and far, for its talismanic, tribal feel.


These are truly statement pieces and conversation starters.  Wear one and be prepared for the attention you’ll get.

Not for the woman who likes discreet, hardly there bijou, this is adornment in the true sense of the word.

Jen who is originally from Texas, has a strong background in jewelry making – working with both silver and gold – and lapidary. Her work has always mined the past, especially the Egyptian amulets worn for protection and power and the Thunderbirds and recurring motifs of the Americas.


This new collection is inspired by African tribal pieces but when we talked earlier this week, Jen was clear that this is not a departure from her ongoing vision as an artist.

“I’ve used brass for these pieces,” she told me, “and they are inspired by amulets of course but also relics – ancient bits and pieces lost in time and discovered.”

“And as always, there’s my recurring theme of birds.”


If you’re in town tomorrow, do drop into the McCormick Gallery and take a look at this young woman’s extraordinary work. If you’re looking for a spectacular gift to impress that special someone, you are sure to find it in Jen’s treasure trove!

For more information about Jen’s show, please visit the Michael McCormick Gallery link below this post.


All images of Jen Weddle’s work care of the Micheal McCormick Gallery.


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