The Pompador Gallery at Salon X is having a opening on Friday December 11th at 6pm.

Allan Vetter (of Vanilla Pop fame) is the new curator of the gallery he’s named The Pompadour – fitting for its Salon connection – and this, his first presentation, is just fabulous!


TwentyThousandths highlights artist Julie Lake’s unique welding technique of myriad sections of fine-gauge stainless steel wire, in a three-dimensional exhibit that includes functional, wearable and conceptual pieces.

Vedder’s Press Release succinctly states that “Lake utilizes an arc welding process, using Hobart Handler models, which is usually reserved for larger structures, yet she works on a much smaller scale, precisely fusing thin thread-like sections of metal. The result is a body of work which conveys a delicate fluidity while maintaining the strength and brilliance of the stainless steel.”


This is sure to be a very cool, fun show, so don’t miss it if you are in town!

For more information on the artist and the show, please visit the sites linked below this post.


All images care of The Pompadour Galley




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