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Marketing is the new buzzword in Taos.

With the Ski Valley shifting into high gear, everyone wants in on the action. From the Town of Taos, to MarkeTaos, to local businesses, Taos is eager to lure skiers off the Mountain, in the hopes they’ll spend some money in the valley below.

Looking even further on down the line, several savvy people see Taos getting ready for a major growth spurt and are eager to help it on its way.

Sometimes it pays to hire a pro. Especially here in Taos where oftentimes people don’t know the difference between PR and Marketing. For the Zap Gang, Marketing is all about developing the brand, and the belief that a trained outside eye can help you take your business to the next level.

The Zap Gang, a father/son team, operate as independent Marketers here in Taos. Jon Tedesco has a strong background in Graphic Design, Advertising and Marketing. From Pennsylvania, he began his career in Miami, then spent 30 odd years in California (Silicone Valley) branding and marketing startups. He developed a new model of joint venturing with the companies he worked with, enabling him to tweak them from the inside out.


These days, he and his wife live in Rio Rancho – “It’s warmer than Taos,” he notes, “and not too bad of a commute.”

Jamie’s background in Business Administration and Marketing brings even more to the mix. His long tenure in Taos and his reputation as someone who gets things done, doesn’t hurt either.

Jamie has lived in Taos for a while. His wife is related to both the Pueblo and Hispanic Communities, so as Jamie says, “she knows everyone.”

He once owned the largest independent recycling company in Taos, but as the Taos Inn’s Marketing Director for 8 years, Jamie knows everyone too! These days the company he’s formed with his dad, Zapmarketing partners, handles marketing for several local businesses including Michael’s Kitchen and State Farm Insurance. Taos Pueblo is also one of their accounts.

Past clients include The Harwood Museum of Art, the Pueblo Balloon company and the Bavarian in Taos Ski Valley.

Jon and Jamie can be contacted via their website linked below this post. They are busy but enthusiastic and excited to be working with more local entrepeneurs to help grow their businesses.

“This is an interesting time for Taos,” says Jamie. “A lot of change in the air.”

Photos care of the Zap Gang.


2 thoughts on “The Zap Gang

  1. The world needs more marketeers that know what they are doing. Zap appears to be Interesting folks and thanks for sharing a great blog.

    Marketing is an asset for any company or product on the road to success. Getting a professional involved early in the game is key.

  2. I’ve worked with Jon and Jamie for years, and they’re great. I’ve watched them help grow business for quite a few Taos companies; they definitely know what they’re doing. ZAP is a great Taos asset.

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