Hulse Warman


Situated in a historical building across from the Fechin Museum and Inn, Hulse Warman is one of Taos’ most beautiful Fine Art Galleries.

Walking along the carefully tended pathway leading to the Hulse Warman Gallery, one is struck by the Zen-like calm pervading the sculpture gardens surrounding the pathway.

Gray Mercer Sculpture

The day I visited, Clint Hulse was outside sweeping and raking Autumn leaves, reminding me of a Japanese Temple Gardener in his meditative movements.

Clint at Ronald Davis Opening

Last October, the Los Jardineros Garden Club of Taos recognized Claireworks and the Hulse Warman Gallery with the presentation of Taos Beautiful Awards for their efforts in beautifying Taos County.

Hulse developed his own gardening skills in the hills of Napa, California, where he tended vineyards and gardens. He sees his selection of plants on the gallery grounds as a way of preserving the history of the property. “Our property in Taos has many historical references,” he said in a prepared statement, regarding the award. “Landscaping on these grounds is like preserving history. A lot of these plants are planted by whoever had been here before.”


The plants include banks of old roses planted over time, many put in by the previous owner, iris and columbine in the early summer, along with huge pots of seasonal geraniums and nasturtiums. Hulse, both a painter and sculptor, received an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and his partner Jerry Warman worked in the scientific, research, design and architectural fields for many years prior to moving to Taos over a decade ago.

Frank Morbillo, Sculpture Exhibition

The couple are no strangers to interesting buildings and creative ventures. When they first met, they lived in North Beach in an industrial, waterfront warehouse with a four-story tower. It was during the heyday of the Punk Scene in the Bay Area and the warehouse was an art space which they were the caretakers of.

Ronald Davis Exhibition - Edited

When their lease expired they rented a cottage in St. Helena, found land they liked and put in vineyards which they tended for 25 years before coming here.

“We had a lot of friends in Santa Fe,” Jerry Warman told me, “but we liked Taos better.”

August Muth Holograms Exhibition III

The building that houses their beautiful gallery was built in 1890. It was originally a farm-house but over the years it has also served as a boarding house, a commune and lately, prior to Clint and Jerry’s occupancy, it was owned and run by Patrick Dunbar who filled it with treasures found in the Near and Far East; furniture, metalwork and old Temple carvings and doors. Patrick’s wife Sybil, put in the roses.

The couple have opened up the space and created an elegant and functional courtyard outside, where during the warmer Seasons they entertain and host other events.


They have and continue to show spectacular art and artists; Ron Davis, Gary Mercer, Frank Morbillo and August Muth among them.

Paul O’Connor had his first showing of his acclaimed Taos Portraits, at Hulse Warman.

If you are in town this Winter, make a point of visiting this unique space. You’ll not be disappointed and perhaps you’ll even discover a treasure to take home with you.

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All Photographs care of Hulse Warman




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