Celebrating Indian Market

Tim Nevaquaya, Dancing in the spirit!

The Michael McCormick Gallery’s annual Indian Market Celebration will kick off this weekend with an opening of new work by the acclaimed Comanche artist, Tim Tate Nevaquaya.

Nevaquaya is the son of the late Doc Tate Nevaquaya, whose  accomplishments in the traditional arts are legendary. Among them; The Smithsonian Institution commissioned him to participate in the Comanche Tu-Wee Dance in Washington, D.C. (1970), he plaed the flute on a Goodwill Tour of England (1970), designed and painted a Comanche shield to honor the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery (1973), recorded Comanche Flute Music for Folkways Records (1979).

Tim Nevaquaya, The vision from above! SOLD

He also played flute at the Night of the First Americans, held at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. (1982), at the United Nations Mission, New York (1985), at the Codetalkers Decoration Ceremony, Oklahoma State Capitol (1989), and at Carnegie Hall in New York (1990).

It’s always difficult for the children of highly successful parents, to step out from under their looming shadows, but Tim has not only managed this, he has succeeded in creating original and authentic work, while still honoring the legacy of his late father.Tim Nevaquaya is also an incredibly talented and recognized flute player as well as a highly sought after painter, whose collectors will be thrilled to see the large body of new work, on display at the McCormick Gallery this weekend.

RC Gorman, Tatina, 18x15, 1981

“They’re strongly expressive,” said Tim about his paintings, when I interviewed him. “ My work is not as academic as the traditionalists, it’s a style that doesn’t have to deal with historical accuracy, although it takes facets of the Native American culture and expresses it in a way that really conveys a very deep spiritual message to the viewer.”

Along with Nevaquaya’s work, Malcom Furlow’s paintings are always a draw for collectors and lovers of Native Art, as is the late Navajo Legend, R.C. Gorman, who was very close to Michael, and is always featured during Indian Market at the McCormick Gallery.

Tim Nevaquaya, Symbols of peace and healing! (1)

“In addition, to the Gorman pieces and Tim’s new work, we are very fortunate to display the Last “Lost” wax entitled “Marita” of the late Frank Howell in a bronze format along with numerous rare lithographs and various prints made by Howell.” Says Gallery Director Jaimie Garrison.

Howell’s work is incredibly hard to come by so serious collectors should be excited about this acquisition.
This Saturday (tomorrow) August 20th 4-8pm The McCormick Gallery will host an opening for Tim Nevaquaya’s new work, with a solo flute performance by the artist along with other live music and surprise guests.
“We will be providing a gourmet and organic repast, catered by Marshall’s Great Noodles,” Jamie tells me,” plus lot’s of refreshments.” 
Tim Nevaquaya, The visionaries!
The McCormick Gallery openings are a party, so don’t miss this one! Sunday will be an open house all day at the gallery. For more on Indian Market aqui en Taos, please visit the Michael McCormick Gallery at their site linked below this post.
All images c/o the Michael McCormick Gallery