Kimberly’s October Surprise



In 2014 long time Taos resident, artist Kimberly Webber was commissioned by Hillary PAC to paint a portrait of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary PAC has since morphed into Balance of Power Super PAC and on October 15th, this artwork along with about 50 others will be auctioned off to raise funds for Hillary Clinton’s Campaign for POTUS.

I’ve shared Kimberly’s painting of HRC here on taoStyle twice before today; once in this featured post on the artist, Kimberly Webber and again right before Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Primary.

October 25th is Hillary’s birthday so I am absolutely delighted to start out the month with a post dedicated to her, here on the blog.

It’s a powerful image painted by a woman known for her paintings of women of power. I could not be happier to share it once more. Hoping that the third time is a charm for Mrs. Clinton in November!


At the bottom of this post, there is a link to the PAC’s Facebook page with an invitation to share with your friends. Please do!

Balance of Power is a Super PAC that supports Hillary Clinton for President along with a Progressive Congress.

“Our goal is to give Hillary a Progressive Congress so she has Progressive legislation to sign.” Says a spokesperson for the PAC.

They are currently producing promo videos to support Progressive candidates who are in competitive races.

This event at is being hosted by the Bruce Lurie Gallery (link below this post) in Los Angeles, on Saturday, October 15th.

For more info please visit their site and Facebook Page linked below.




Painting of Hillary Clinton  (Portrait of the first woman President, oil on canvas) by Kimberly Webber


Photograph of Kimberly Webber by Jennifer Esperanza



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