Karina Armijo’s Team Spirit


Since landing the gig as Marketing Director for the Town of Taos, Karina Armijo has been head down, getting stuff done!

People have asked me about her often, wondering who this mysterious creature (in charge of how the world sees our community and town is), and why it is that they don’t know her?

These are questions I had myself when first told she had been chosen by Town Manager Rick Bellis and Mayor Dan Barrone, to fill that spot. I had no idea who Karina was, nor what she did, so I contacted her and interviewed her for the blog.

I discovered that her great looks and stylish appearance aside, she is in fact quite shy and reticent by nature, not socially uncomfortable by any means – she’s smart, witty and articulate and loves to have a bit of fun – but she prefers small groups to large crowds. She’s all business when on the job, but she’s also very approachable, a good listener who holds the concerns of the community close to her heart.

Getting the nuts and bolts into place has been her priority; she inherited the job of working with the Atlas Group in Denver, which she has done admirably, but she has also implemented plenty ideas of her own. Recognizing that it takes a village, Karina has surrounded herself with a team of hard-working, creative people who share a vision regarding a sustainable economy in Taos, built on the firm foundations of Culture, Art and Nature, on which the town stands.

With MarkeTaos no longer overseeing Taos.org and in charge of marketing Taos, a huge shift has occurred. For the first time in 35 years, the Marketing Director of the Town is in control of the town’s site, narrative and directive.

When Alyson Hyder applied for the RFP for the contract for Taos.org, and was awarded it, Karina’s team was finally coalescing. During the period from December until April, while Taos.org hung in the balance, Karina was already well on her way to having all of her ducks in a row.

Aly and Karina have worked together for years – I wrote about their collaborations here, and were already working together prior to Aly taking over the management of the site.

“The Town of Taos Marketing and Tourism Department has partnered with two locally owned and operated businesses to advance our team of local talent for Taos tourism initiatives.” Says Karina, “Booking Solution, LLC, owned by Alyson Hyder, will head the management of Taos.org, the official site for Taos travel.”

“(Graphic Designer), Gina Azzari, owner and designer of 3Bean Studio, with decades of design experience in Taos, will support the Marketing and Tourism Department in strengthening the Taos brand.” She continued.

“Both add to the commitment made by the department to hire local talent when spending lodgers tax for marketing services.​”

Karina has also brought a (New Mexico owned) PR firm on board – the Waite Company “The owner Whitney Waite is a woman,” she told me smiling. “My team are all coincidently, women.”

With her team in place, all the loose ends tied up and numerous exciting prospects moving forward, Karina’s coming out of the shadows a bit more, and dare I say, she’s becoming more comfortable with her role in the public eye. A few more appearances on local radio shows and at public events are sure to win the curious over.

“I’m excited to add to our team of New Mexican talent.” Karina said.

Karina can be contacted at the site linked below this post.




taoStyle is delighted to be included on the new Taos.org, in Insider Tips and elsewhere on the site. I’ll be covering Alyson Hyder (Taos Tourism Professional of the Year 2016), after she returns from a trip to New Zealand to visit family.


Photographs of Karina by Bill Curry