Indian Interlude

I had lunch with Elizabeth Burns last week, at the Manzanita Market to talk about her new book.

No Direction Home is the title of the novel Liz has spent the past five years working on. She has since published her Travel Memoir, The Silken Thread, which you can read about here by clicking on the title.

I’m currently reading her latest literary offering and will have a review up next week, but since Liz had traveled to India last year and I know her not only as a writer but also an incredibly talented photographer, I asked if she’d share a few of her India captures.

These photographs were all taken on her phone.

Hard to believe she was able to get such amazing images with only her mobile device, but after browsing through all the photographs she invited me to choose from, I decided on these.

The immediacy and vivid colour, the spontaneity of the moment captured, the motion and gestures all seemed to me, to be the perfect way to see India’s combination of past, present and future, through the lens.

In a throughly modern way.

I have asked Liz to write a Guest Post about her travels in India  illustrated with more of her gorgeous shots,  I’ll also have more about Liz and her latest book in the next week, or so but in the meantime, please enjoy these exquisite images of India.

To see more of her work, please visit her Facebook Photography page linked below.

Elizabeth Burns FB Photography

All photos taken by Elizabeth Burns on her phone.

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