Hotel Luna Mystica

If you are dreaming of the open road…

With only time for a few days break from your busy life, Hotel Luna Mystica might satisfy the wanderlust. Imagine camping beneath the stars in the High Desert of Northern New Mexico, with zero effort attached. Well, you do have to get yourself here.

According to their site: Hotel Luna Mystica is 8 miles from the heart of Taos, 12 feet across a dirt road from the Taos Mesa Brewery, and 4.2 light years from our nearest stellar neighbor, Alpha Centauri.

A unique hotel made up of fifteen renovated vintage trailers, situated on the open mesa, with stunning mountain vistas you can enjoy from the outdoor deck, each trailer has been equipped with.

The trailers are, as you can see, kitted out in high style; you’ll want for nothing out here, a million miles from everywhere.

Literally nothing.

Next door, the Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership lights up the night sky with live music and D.J.’s including my son, Joshua AKA J.Knizzle, currently at the helm of Shouting Fire Radio at Black Rock City. (The non corporate, corporate event, commonly known as Burning Man.)

The Mothership – housed in a converted airplane hangar – apropos of being across the way from Taos airport, has become one of the most acclaimed live music venues in the country. World class acts as well as local talent play here, and their annual Music On The Mothership Festival has become a tradition.

Great music, good food, a dance floor and award-winning craft beer makes staying out in the middle of nowhere look a whole lot different.

Hotel Luna Mystica’s vintage trailers and starlight campground set in the midst of the vast Mesa, considered one of the most mystical and spiritually charged locations on the planet, makes you feel like you’ve roamed to the ends of the earth.

Camping, well, more like glamping, beneath the starry New Mexico with Taos Mountain right there, and each trailer equipped with not only its own deck, but bathroom,comfortable bed and kitchen facilities, your long weekend away from the fray will not disappoint. Unbelievably, there is even wifi available for guests – one can only presume they have one of the hughesnet plans, as there is no other way they would get internet in such a remote location.

For those of you within driving distance, you have options! Tent sites are also available as well as primitive RV spaces without hook-ups so you can get here, set up things like your caravan steps, and start relaxing and taking in your surroundings.

This truly is a place where you can disconnect from your fast paced life for a minute, to restore a sense of serenity and harmony, and find some balance you can take with you when you return home. Along with the stones, bones, arrowheads and Artemisia gathered on the Mesa during long contemplative walks.

The stark and ever-changing landscape is acutely present; a reminder of our actual place in the scheme of things.

A short drive will bring you to the river and natural hot springs, where you can soak away the stress of yesterday.

If the solitude becomes too much, you know where to find a crowd.

Although a little smoke from fires burning all across the Western States, has blown into and over this valley, Taos is blessed with merciful crosswinds, and for the most part, we’ve been spared the worst of it.

We’ve had rain and Autumn’s breeze is in the early morning air, and with the Paseo around the corner, it’s a perfect time to be here.

For much more on Hotel Luna Mystica and the Mothership, please visit the sites linked below.



All images thanks to Hotel Luna Mystica