The Environment Through A Lens


Mother Earth is in crisis.

Our oceans are filled with plastic and poison, our Earth is suffocating from toxic emissions.

As we are being divided and conquered by petty politics, the real news is ignored, while these man-made diversions are shoved down our throats like pablum.

This coming week, we celebrate Earth Day, and in honor of our home, our planet, the Taos Environmental Film Festival will be screening a number of films at the TCA marking this important week.

On Sunday, the Bareiss Gallery exhibited a collection of African photographs by Santa Fe based filmmaker/photographers Marie Wilkinson, Cyril and Lysander Christo.

If you missed the show, the TCA will be screening their film, twelve years in the making, of their adventures in Africa over a ten-year period. Their thirteen year old son, Lysander narrates the film, was two years old when filming began.

Having grown up in Africa, and having the real blessing to have witnessed the Continent before She began to vanish, this particular film is one I cannot wait to see.

In addition, there are several other notable and award-winning  films being screened all week!

The 5th annual Taos Environmental Film Festival begins today, Thursday, April 18 and runs through Friday, April 22.

The film festival’s Press release informs us that: (The Festival) prides itself in presenting beautiful, thought-provoking and award-winning films by professional filmmakers who seek truth and scientific knowledge regarding our natural environment and all its inhabitants.

This year the festival is excited to present films that explore and search for inner and outer peace while also exploring various natural environments, its diverse inhabitants and the challenges posed to the world’s biodiversity.

With nuclear proliferation resurfacing and a resurgence of military spending it is important that we honor the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winner, ICAN (international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons) for their work to help our endangered species. Each year that passes it has become apparent that humanity must find a way towards world peace.

The diverse offering of films is as mind- blowing as the provocative subjects they cover, and they come from places both near and far, reminding us that we all share this fragile planet we call home, and no matter our religion, color, creed, and yes, political affiliation, we are in fact more alike than we are different.

For a full listing of the Taos Environmental Film Festival’s schedule, please visit their site linked below.



All images thanks to TEFF