The February Issue

“Love our February issue!” says Cullen Curtiss, Local Flavor’s editor, in her monthly missive’s introduction.

An early 20th-century Albuquerque lumber yard becomes home to New Mexico’s first food hall

“We happen to believe that embracing our cultural heritage and traditions is life itself,” says Jim Long, CEO of Heritage Hotels & Resorts. “His sentiments drive our issue.” Says Cullen. “Herein, we bring you several proud people who embrace their ancestry, and honor it with their work—be it food, wine, music, architecture.”

THE LONG VIEW. “I see New Mexico becoming a very important place,” says Jim Long, CEO of Heritage Hotels & Resorts in our feature piece about his long view for New Mexico, as well as the story behind the transformation and rise of the Sawmill District and Market, scheduled to open March 10. Photographer Douglas Merriam captures the landscape and the players.

LE TROQUET. Born in Paris and raised in Burgundy, Chef Jean Pierre Gozard helms Le Troquet’s kitchen with the heart and soul of a true gourmand who has devoted his life to making his customers happy with the good food of his homeland. Writer Amy Morton imparts his personality, tastes his dishes and Liz Lopez captures all on film.

BARACUTANGA. Top Tix columnist Stephanie Hainsfurther captures the beat of this band, voted among the Top Five bands in ABQ by Albuquerque The Magazine in 2019 and also a winner of the New Mexico Music Awards that year. Whether their sound is American Pan-Latin or South American Roots, you cannot help but dance to the rhythms created by the seven members, hailing from Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia and the US. Photos by Liz Lopez.

Second Generation Japanese and Greek restaurant families continue their delicious legacies on Cerrillos Road

MAMPUKU RAMEN. Two Fukuda sisters handily take up the family’s legacy of serving delicious, traditional Japanese fare. Ramen warms the heart in this unassuming hot spot on Cerrillos Road. Lynn Cline slurps and writes, while photographer Jane Phillips captures the hospitality and the exquisite flavors.

YAMAS. After years of delighting Santa Fe with fine comfort food, the Razatos family is finally sharing the classic, crowd-pleasing recipes of their heritage at Yamas, a destination for a hero of a gyro, among other traditional Greek dishes on Cerrillos Road. Lynn Cline explains the legacy, and Jane Phillips snaps the joy of the kitchen.

When the vine and music run through your family

THE HEARTBREAK GRAPE. Writer and photographer Greg O’Byrne (Santa Fe Wine & Chile executive director) knows a thing or two about grapes, and his cheeky choice for your Valentine’s Day celebration is Pinot Noir, “thin-skinned, a challenge to nurture, in need of constant coddling and attention, as mercurial as an relationship worth pursuing.” He shares the romantic history and heritage behind four Pinot Noirs you need to savor.

FOR THE LOVE OF JAZZ. In the veins of the Curtis family runs a love of jazz, inspired and instilled by their patriarch, the late David Ballantyne Curtis. A supper club in his honor—Dave’s Jazz Bistro—launches 2020 with “A Celebration of Love,” featuring The Barbara Bentree & John Rangel Jazz Quartet on Feb. 14 at the Santa Fe School of Cooking.

TOP TIX. What would we do without Top Tix columnist Stephanie Hainsfurther’s tips on the hottest performing arts tix in town, including Brentano String Quartet on Feb. 23, presented by Santa Fe Pro Musica.

CHEF’S BUZZ. Columnist Lynn Cline delivers her monthly round-up of foodie highlights, including the very exciting news that Chef Mario Mendoza-Martinez is helming Eloisa in the wake of John Rivera Sedlar’s departure!

ART BEAT. Columnist Mia Rose Poris’ picks for your February gallery-hopping includes a stop to Obscura Gallery, where you can see Paul Caponigro’s photographs, like Scots Thistle.

STILL HUNGRY: Après Slope in Taos. Thanks to Taos local Lynne Robinson, now editor of Tempo, for rounding up three great ideas for post-snow imbibing.

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