Get Lucky

A committee debate over recreational marijuana that was supposed to take place Monday night has been pushed back.

This move comes with less than a week left in the 2021 legislative session, and legislators still in a stalemate.

But it’s just about St. Patty’s Day and these days any holiday is worth celebrating, and chances are you might have the luck of the Irish.

Especially if you are a card-carrying member of New Mexico’s Medical Marijuana Program, as Southwest Wellness has a great sale on through the holiday!

St. Patty’s Day bundles are on sale for $42 and include a 3-Pack 0.6g Slim Pre-Rolls in the strain Rainbow Truffle, In-house Cactus Juice and a 100mg 10pk of Gummy Cubes.

They also have $1 OFF All Flower! 

Head over there ASAP and don’t forget to wear green!

For more information on locations, hours, specials and all their products and services, please visit their site linked below this post.




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