Hotel Chaco

Inspired by the magical and mysterious ruins of Chaco Canyon, Albuquerque’s newest luxury hotel boldly names itself after the (UNESCO World Heritage) Site.

Santa Fe Celebrates Modernism

September is the beginning of Art Season in the High Country and last weekend,  Janie Romer  and I headed to Santa Fe for a quick, girl’s getaway. Both of us had been working overtime and desperately needed a little break from routine.

Wild Wild West

Cowboys and Indians and the Wild, Wild West –  exemplified on the blog this week with a Pow Wow and a Rodeo – the Maverick Club Rodeo in Cimarron, which happens to be the oldest, ongoing Rodeo in the West.

Richard Spera and J. Matthew Thomas

  Richard and Matt are one serious power couple. These two beautiful men met in Taos a little more than a decade ago when their eyes locked across a crowded room. Ten years later they were married in that same room but not before they had both accomplished more than most do in a lifetime. A…