Jules Muck Paints Our Town

If you live in Taos or have visited over the past week or so, I’m certain you’ve seen the green horse and (resting) rider on the front of the building across from Smiths.

Saving My Tomorrow

“I feel that as humans, as participants and beings that walk upon this earth, it is our responsibility to help the earth. We all need to take steps towards a clean and healthy future regarding animals, humans, plants, and the various ecosystems.” Ta’Kaiya Blaney


  Over two decades ago, Robby Romero created several public service announcements for MTV’s Free Your Mind Campaign. These video clips helped to dispel long-held misconceptions about Native Peoples in Popular Culture.

The Mud Palace

  Robby Romero’s teens began a year early on his twelfth birthday here in Taos at the Mabel Dodge Lujan House. Dennis Hopper owned the house at the time and during his long residency there, his Mud Palace was the talk of the town. The stories still circulate all these years later.