An Enchanted Christmas


Shawna Yambire owns Re-Neux, an upscale consignment boutique tucked into a corner space across from Ledoux Street.

Her excellent taste and eye for design ensures that everything she hangs or displays is in perfect condition and of the best quality possible.Treasures are to be found here, but Shawna herself has many more irons in the proverbial fire.


A talented dancer and even more adept entrepreneur, this beautiful blonde is far from dumb. She has spearheaded many events in Taos, including her sold out Burlesque shows but her annual “Lighting of Ledoux” fashion extravaganzas on an outdoor runway, are the biggest draw of the popular event that happens every December.


Farolitas are lit at sundown  and line the walkways of the historical street that houses both the Blumenschein and Harwood Museums. Locals come out by the droves and pop in and out of the galleries along Ledoux, sipping the hot chocolate and nibbling on Christmas cookies provided by the proprietors. The event marks the start of our Winter Season and this year included a Pop Up event by paseotaos.


Once the libations have run out, everyone knows it’s time to head back across the road to Re-Neux where a huge crowd gathers outside the little shop around the ad hoc runway which this year, was decorated with bare branches and evergreens covered with fairy lights.


All the designers, make-up artists, stylists and models are local and these extraordinary shows are choreographed by Shawna who occasionally walks the runway herself.

This year’s theme was an Enchanted Forest and as you can see by the pictures, put a spell on all who were there.

Re-Neux is located at 126 W Plaza in Taos

Photographs by Bill Curry

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