‘Tis The Season To Shop

Substance is the go to boutique in Taos for stylish women who crave the latest fashion trends.

Substance offers a toned down version, meaning a more subtle colour palette and cuts that are less likely to make one stick out like a sore thumb in this earthy, rustic mountain town.

Jennifer Martin worked for the shop’s former owner before buying Substance and has continued to cater to the original clientele (upscale youngish professionals) while expanding the boutique to include a salon run by Eliza McCarty, make up artist and hairstylist.

The space on Guadalupe Plaza, is beautifully decorated and has an organic, natural feel in keeping with the lines it showcases. Substance promotes the high low aesthetic that appears slightly effortless but in fact requires quite a bit of thought – sequins and denim, something old, something new – that kind of approach. It’s difficult to pull off in a place like Taos, but these women do it well and for the most part, so do their customers.

There’s a Substance “look” that one sees on some 30/40 somethings here, that proves how successful Jennifer has been at branding her business. Frankly I’m incredibly thankful for this store which has encouraged a lot of young women in Taos to get out of their schleppy yoga clothes and/or Patagonia mountain gear to elevate their look a bit. Just because there’s mud everywhere most of the year, doesn’t mean one needs to look like one’s just been dragged through it.

Fabulous accessories abound here too and often that’s all a well curated wardrobe needs to get one out of a style slump without having to spend a fortune.

Substance carries the made in Taos, all natural, mineral makeup line Vapour and other organic and local product lines that are sure to please the most discerning on your shopping list.

Substance is located at 102 Dona Luz Street in Taos

Photographs of Jennifer, Eliza and store details by Bill Curry