Valentine’s Day The Cannabis Way


New Mexico is about two months out from being able to sell recreational marijuana.

Starting April 1st, New Mexicans over the age of 21 can buy cannabis at the dispensary.

However, the rollout may not be smooth sailing. Although retailers can start selling recreational cannabis, many applicants for recreational licenses don’t know if they’ll be able to sell by then.

The state’s Regulation and Licensing Department said it’s doing its best to work through all the applications as quickly as possible. As of last week, there were about 360 applications for cannabis licenses, including retail, production, and manufacturing. Of those, just 53 have been approved so far.

With many still waiting for producer licenses and cannabis taking months to grow, some question if there will be enough product by April.

Southwest here in Taos with dispensaries all along the Rio have no such concerns; being the largest medical marijuana growers in the state, they are more than ready for the coming changes, and although they are also anticipating some supply and demand challenges when the selling starts in April, they feel confident that they will handle it all as it comes.

There is no limit on how many cannabis businesses can be in the state. But local entities are still deciding their rules including whether a cannabis retailer can be near schools or in certain parts of town.

New Mexicans will also soon be allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants at home, or 12 plants per household.

It’s clear that recreational sales of cannabis will be huge for our state.

Meanwhile Valentine’s Day is around the corner and Southwest are definitely ready for that!

They have Valentine Bundles on sale from Feb 11-14. They will also have a luxurious bath bomb, Bhang 200mg Chocolate bar and a 1g Twax joint for $60. There will also be select strains on sale for $7.50 per gram.

For more info on what they are up to at Southwest check out their site for all information, times and locations, and get there fast while these specials are available!

Southwest’s dispensary is located at 1033 Martinez Plaza on Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, in Taos.




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