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taoStyle is thrilled to have Desert Blends of Taos on board as one of our Sponsors. Toni Leigh, the founder of this all natural, mostly organic skin – care line, is a long time Taos resident, who now splits her time between here and her home state of California.

A certified Ayurvedic Herbalist, Toni  has a vast knowledge of healing plants; a wild crafter, she harvests many of plants she uses in nature with prayer and awareness. Other botanicals and oils are sourced from mainly local, organic growers and she has long been an advocate for sustainable living and a Green Economy.

The Desert Blends of Taos Spa line is formulated using Native plants from the region, including artemisia ( desert sage), locally grown lavender, blue corn meal and mineral rich, red clay from the Four Corners area which has over ninety trace minerals. The luxurious Spa Kit contains a jar of Red Clay mask, with vitamin A and jojoba oil, which moisturises and exfoliates, Blue Corn Scrub, with lavender and sage, a full sized bottle of Sage Oil with grapeseed extract, ca

rrot seed oil and lavender in a cold pressed, virgin olive oil base and a bottle of Desert Sage oil.

2 Shea serum and face cream, is the best defense against the damaging effects of our high desert, dry climate which wreaks havoc on sensitive facial skin. Formulated with wild crafted, local rose hips and other botanicals, including pumpkin seed extract and carrot seed oil, in an African shea butter base, its rich, emollient qualities, both nourish and heal. Loaded with peptides, fatty acids and antioxidants, it gently restores and rejuvenates skin that has been compromised by the elements, and works wonders for mature skin whether you live at sea level or higher elevations. Carrot seed oil and shea butter both offer mild sun protection with an spf of about 12.
Desert Blends of Taos is offering a giveaway of these two product lines, to two lucky taoStyle readers. All you need to do is leave a comment, explaining why you’d like to try the products. Toni will choose the winners, and for the rest of you, don’t despair, Desert Blends of Taos will give a 10% discount to all online orders using the code DB4me.


The deadline for this promotion is December 15th. We’ll anounce the lucky winners here on taoStyle.


Be sure to visit and enjoy your 10% off right on time for the Holiday Season.

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  1. A comment from a loyal customer Maya Galeazzi says “I love this product! I’m 36 and have sensitive skin and acne! This product has saved my skin and I am so grateful!”

  2. I’ve been using Toni’s 2Shea products for a decade. I swear by them. I use them exclusively and they are the only natural product line I’ve found that are rich enough to nourish skin daily ravaged by the elements up here, in the High (very dry) Desert.

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