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I have a soft spot for Sam’s where I once worked for a bit during the early 80’s while pregnant with my youngest daughter. The original owner Sam Parks had a great eye and an even better buyer; Janice “Light” Harrison was an early hippie immigrant from Chicago and a master beader whose flawless beaded pieces were highly sought after during the 60’s and 70’s. Light however changed with the times and by the time I arrived, was dressing in Issay Miyake and bringing designer clothing to Taos.

One day Light was walking her dogs when a car stopped beside her. A Japanese man hiding beneath a straw cowboy hat asked her for directions to the Pueblo but she recognized him immediately. They chatted for a bit, met for coffee the next morning and a month later a huge box arrived for Light at Sam’s. Issay had sent her a large portion of his current collection. Light and Taos for that matter, are like that, magnets for magic. And Sam’s Shop as well.

Sam sold it many years ago to Kathleen Fowler, a stylish willowy blond who has the eye and the buying magic down pat.

I have magically discovered exactly what I need, when I need it right here in these little rooms, on these racks. I shop for clothes less and less as I get older, having arrived at a uniform of sorts but every now and then, I succumb to the belief that I must have a new dress or accessory for this wedding or party or whatever occasion might arise and I always head straight to Bent Street.

I was in there the other day and fell in love with a soft charcoal and grey tunic and some little mink cuffs that would take a long sleeved LBD (or even a simple black turtleneck) up a notch or two. It’s my birthday this month so I’m hoping my children read this…And PETA can just F off ‘cos they are upcycled and vintage!

Photo c/o Sam’s Shop


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  1. Very nice article Lynne. You have convinced me, that my next big road trip will bring me west. I have been wanting to come out that way for some time now and through your writing and exposure to the local ‘flavors,’ I am eager to see for myself. It looks like a spectacular place to vacation for a bit. Oh and by the way, Happy Birthday! I am sure that tunic has been manifested to arrive to you just when it should 😉 Sending blessings to all!

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