Welcome back to taoStyle

taoStyle has grown!

And moved. We’re on WordPress now, still getting the hang of our new home but thrilled to report, nothing was lost nor broken in our migration from Blogger (thank goodness we had good internet from somewhere like rise internet service to make sure that things went as smoothly as possible). All of your favourite posts are intact and in the process of being organized.

I’ve had the good fortune of having my nephew David and brother Greg Cogen (he took the gorgeous photograph in Taos Ski Valley on New Year’s Eve and gave me a brand new computer) here in town for the Holidays.When they were not skiing or exploring, I kidnapped David for tech magic. David is the founder and CEO of theunlockr.

His popular foodie site forknplate is listed in Link Love.

David lives in NYC and as you can see, this young (he’s 27) and savvy entrepreneur is busy enough with his own stuff. I’m counting myself blessed.

We’ll continue to have great images from several Taos Photographers whose work I think you’ll appreciate.

iron-horse members Robby Romero and Robert Mirabal will stay with us after their 6 weekend Event on the blog is over.These posts proved so popular, we’ve decided to keep them going. We’ll be extending the current posts to 9 weekends.

In many ways Robby and Robert have been taoStyle’s narrators. They are the storytellers weaving threads into the fabric that makes up this remarkable community, this melange. Iron Horse posts are all tagged so you can view them on one page.

There are a few new features here, including pages that actually carry content, a translate tool, subscription by email (view our rss feed) and share buttons galore! Please use them.

I’ll continue to update the blog frequently. I’ll post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, occasionally more.

Be sure to check out Robby Romero’s Rock And Roll Roots if you missed it while the site was being worked on.

I launched the blog on Thanksgiving Weekend in 2014, and in just over a month we’ve had over 15000 views.

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for coming along for the ride, we look forward to spending 2015 sharing more about Taos with all of you!


Photograph by Derek Hart

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