Today is Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for.

Tomorrow taoStyle will be two years old. I started the blog because I felt (at the time) that Taos was not being accurately represented and promoted (as a travel destination spot). Somehow for a time, the Town forgot its rich heritage and history, its world-wide reputation as an Art Colony and home to some of the best skiing in the Nation.

Instead it focused solely on the Outdoors (with misleading Ad Campaigns telling people to “Get Out Of Town“), or promoting Taos’ Remarkable Women while ignoring our equally remarkable men.

So much has changed since then!

The choice of Karina Armijo as the Town’s Marketing Director, along with Aly Hyder becoming the director of Market Taos and their combined effort at, has already seen a huge improvement in how the Town is marketed and branded.

Rita O’Connell too deserves kudos for her contribution with Live Taos (whose calendar is included on

Last week Alyson Hyder was awarded Tourism Professional of the Year by the New Mexico Tourism Board and Taos is once more, very much on the map.

I’m delighted that taoStyle has been included on as well, with link backs to the site that have increased the blog’s views and relevance. It’s a pleasure working with Alyson and Karina and I am so grateful to them both.

I also want to thank my awesome Sponsors and the individuals and businesses that continue to advertise and work with me here at taoStyle. I could not do this without you. Also a very special thank you to Paul O’Connor, Zoe Zimmerman , Derek Hart, Lenny Foster and Bill Curry who have constantly come through with incredible images, often at a moment’s notice!

I am personally celebrating a Thanksgiving of my own (cancer in check, health and energy back to normal), and a day with my family is a simple pleasure that brings so much joy! I only wish my brother Greg and nephew (David Cogen CEO of theunlockr ) were here with us today, as this blog would not exist without their expertise and support.

While I celebrate my own good fortune, I’m keeping in mind that the Indigenous Peoples of this Turtle Island are currently on the Front Lines of a battle raging over water rights. Let us not forget that water, like air, is a Human Right.

I wish all of my American readers a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and to everyone elsewhere, have a great weekend and thanks so much for staying with me!


Photograph by Greg Cogen


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