A Deer On The Trail


My brother and nephew were here visiting from NYC last week and they spent most of their time here outdoors.


From Williams Lake to Bandelier, they did a lot of exploring and I was gifted with some fabulous shots of the terrain they covered.

13529041_10101472258693905_514753974387243670_nBeautiful mountain pastures juxtaposed with massive rockfall.13724883_10153636217432190_4897516430934884776_o

From rafting the Rio Grande to coming face to face with Bambi on a trail they hiked, they really got a taste of Northern New Mexico in the summertime. I told them the next time they visit they should bring a trail camera to set up for a few days, so they can try and have a look at “Bambi” without it being spooked by people on the trail, you’re also able to click for more info on deer trail cameras if you wish to learn more.


They captured a lot of this diversity through their lenses.


They generally come every winter to ski but this year I’m lucky to have them visit twice and the seasonal images are always welcome. Especially the deer not quite in the headlights!


All photographs by David Cogen (CEO of the unlockr ) except for the shot of the Rio Grande taken by Greg Cogen

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  1. After living in Taos for 25 years, and having experienced much of the New Mexico magic quite early on in the “experience”, its really nice to get a refresher gratis Gregory, David, and Lynne! Thanks!

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