Once In A Blue Moon

Dreams come true.

Or Halloween falls during a pandemic…

Skywatchers, ghouls, goblins and werewolves take note: The moon will be full this Halloween night with the additional confluence of spookiness. The Oct. 31 full moon also happens to be a “blue moon,” a designation for the second full moon to occur in a single calendar month. 

Blue moons are relatively rare. We last saw one in March 2018.

Why a blue moon? There’s an old definition that it’s a fourth full moon in a quarter of a year but the definition that everyone knows, is that a blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. 

Because the full moon in each month has a name in the Farmers’ Almanac calendar — “wolf moon,” “harvest moon,” and all that — the 13th moon in the year was called a “blue moon.”

Since October has 31 days, and the average time between full moons is 29.5 days, if there’s a full moon on Halloween, it has to be a blue moon. You get the same phase of the moon on the same date in the Gregorian calendar every 19 years.

To celebrate this auspicious lunar happening in a year that’s given us lots of tricks and not many treats, Southwest Wellness is offering a few Halloween Specials for those lucky card-carrying cannabis customers amongst us.

The Halloween Special includes 20% off Budder Pros and Mountaintop Extracts Hard Candies, Drinks, Lollipops, and Cookies! 

Flowers remain at their current low prices and there are always new varieties on the shelves.

Have a sweet and safe Halloween, and may all your dreams come true.

Here in Taos, Southwest Wellness is preparing to change to Winter Hours sometime in the next month.  For more information on locations, hours, specials, and all their products and services, please visit their site linked below this post.



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