Love Is All You Need


Last Saturday despite a giant snow storm and impossible road conditions, Patricia Michaels‘ much anticipated runway show of her latest Resort and Bridal Collection was staged at the Sagebrush Hotel’s Convention Center for the annual Taos Wedding Expo.

Believe it or not, the venue was packed with intrepid souls who braved the weather to be there.


Thursday, March 5th


More pics added from Salon X


Delta Bayer and her Salon X team (Heather, Daniel and Christine)had been asked to do the hair and makeup – both Heather Miro and Daniel Vigil are makeup artists along with being talented hair stylists. When at the last-minute, Pat decided to add Resort (and several more models) Delta knew her crew couldn’t handle it all and aware that once, in another life, I’d worked for several years as a makeup artist, she asked if I’d help.


Keep in mind I’ve not done this (except for my girls and their friends for proms, parties and weddings) for over two decades so I was a little worried about whether I could actually pull it off with my limited supply of makeup. I pulled a kit together the night before our 7 am call and awoke to a mountain of white stuff which had consumed my car, the driveway and what used to be a road.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI called Bill Curry who had planned to be at the show with a table of his own, but he was on his way to Santa Fe for another shoot, which is why this post is sans his shots!


I then called Delta who immediately sent her boyfriend Patrick Trujillo to pick me up. I arrived at Salon X, set up an ad-hoc station and got straight to work. There was no time to waste. Showtime was at 1pm and the girls had to be at the venue at 11.


Once the girls had their hair and makeup done, we all decamped to the Sagebrush which was already packed with lots of people milling about. Delta and I took one look at the designated dressing room and moved ourselves into a warmer, brighter and much larger space down the hall. Soon the models (and racks of clothes) followed.


Behind the glamorous facade of fashion, there is always a team of people who collectively create magic. This was no different and these shots, taken by Delta on her phone, and Patrick Trujillo at the salon earlier, perfectly illustrate the creative chaos that inevitably ensues on these occasions, whether it’s NYC or Taos.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPat was late and still stitching models into their dresses when the show was about to begin, but she rose to the occasion and spoke to the crowd about how Taos is such an inspiration to her and her work (with an image of Taos Pueblo projected on the wall behind her) before presenting her fun and fabulous show. Next week, I’ll do a little post with pics from the runway but today, enjoy the decidedly, unglamorous prelude!


And if you’re wondering, yes, Salon X  does weddings, so if you are planning one in Taos click on their link below to book your party early!

Phone shots by Delta Bayer, other photos by Patrick Trujillo

Salon X






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