The Masked Rider



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Who is this Masked Rider and what is the name of the Horse he rode in on?

Be forewarned this is a trick question and Google won’t help you with this one.

If you are as wily as the fox this artist has claimed as his alter ego, you might get it right.

01 IMG_8497The first person to comment with the correct answer will win a beautiful giclee print, signed by this much awarded artist who spends a fair bit of his spare time, riding around town masked and anonymous.

Last summer while waving a 17th Century sword above his head as he rode through the Plaza, he was stopped by a concerned police officer who called him by his (given) name and asked him to please put the weapon away.

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Zorro of course, did not respond and trotted off with his head (and the sword) held high.

When not in Zorro mode, Ed Sandoval can be found outside his namesake Gallery on the corner of Taos Plaza, painting up a storm. His trademark Viejito is as well known in these parts as Zorro.

A lover of wine, women and song, Ed’s partial to Argentinian Malbecs but likes a bit of Tequila now and again and therein, lies a clue!

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You can see Ed Sandoval’s work by clicking on the link below. Studio de Colores, the Gallery he shares with fellow artist Ann Huston (be sure to check out her stunning work as well) is a destination spot for many visiting the region and it’s where Ed Sandoval stables his Arabian steeds.

I’ll profile both of these artists in the near future, but today it’s all about the horse!

What is his name?

Photographs by Bill Curry



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    • Jessica you are right! Email me your info to and I’ll email you the particulars regarding your giclee!

      Jessica please go in to Ed’s Plaza Gallery if you are in Taos and he will give you the print.
      Otherwise please email me your mailing info. Thanks!

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