Spring Break

01 210

Today, I’m taking a little break from the blog.

I’m working on another deadline and plenty more, very exciting posts for taoStyle.

I plan on sharing much more about Taos and the people who make it so special. taoStyle will also be offering private Studio and Gallery visits this Summer, beginning Memorial Day Weekend. By appointment only, you can read more about that on the About Page.

I’ll be posting twice more this week so I thought I’d get outside today and clear my head.

Spring has arrived in our valley, fruit blossoms and lilacs scent the air and the weather is glorious. Sometimes one just has to answer the call of the wild, even for a day and on (Mother) Earth Day, it’s mandatory.

A long walk and water. Where? That’s a secret but if you keep checking back, someday I might tell.


Photograph by Bill Curry