taoStyle.net is an online, Indie ‘zine about Taos, New Mexico. It was started in November of 2014 by (Taos based writer), Lynne Robinson. When she started the blog there was a dearth of relevant, modern marketing and promotion of this unique community. Tourism was at an all time low – Art collectors had stopped coming and in their place, we saw instead confused, ageing Mid-Westerners, most with no interest in, or idea about Art, wondering what in the world they were doing here, as they dutifully made the rounds of candle and t-shirt shops on the Plaza, before being herded back on their busses by erstwhile tour guides.

Well lots has changed since then – Taos has reinvented itself with a burst of fresh energy and the way the world sees us now is on point; the visitors we attract these days, are not confused upon arrival, but rather, inspired by the beauty and culture that greets them. Taos Ski Valley’s recent (and ongoing), facelift has clearly not hurt!

And although we now have myriad tours (with savvy tour guides) offering a smorgasbord of adventures, taoStyle (Taos’ Indie Field Guide) will (continue) to fill you in on what’s happening up here at 7200 ft. It will take you on tours of the studios, galleries and workshops of the most interesting artists and artisans who live and work here, into the salons, spas, boutiques, restaurants and bars that count. It will not take you along the beaten tourist track that leads to kitschy candle and t-shirt shops selling tat made in China.

The Land of Enchantment, home to the Red Willow People, has called many to its frontier; pulled here by the magic of Taos Mountain, the mythical light and of course, the legends – conquistadors, outlaws and artists – who have also made this place their home. Padre Martinez, Long John Dunn, Kit Carson, D.H.Lawrence, Georgia O’Keeffe, Mabel Dodge, Millicent Rogers and Dennis Hopper to name but a few.

Taos continues to inspire the creative and curious who keep coming, in spite of the fact that we have no commercial airport (although TSV’s Taos Air is still a Seasonal option, it promises gradual expansion), and it’s quite a drive from the nearest one. Unfortunately, most only see the surface of our extraordinary and very cosmopolitan community. taoStyle intends to continue keeping the focus on the things that make Taos unique; historic cultural roots and traditions, Art and the natural beauty outside our doors.

To get a vibe of what this Zine is about, it’s a good idea to start at the beginning.

Welcome to taoStyle


February 2020

UPDATE: Lynne Robinson is now the editor of Tempo, the Arts and Entertainment Magazine at the Taos News.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Editor of Taostyle,

    Would it be possible to put me in touch with Derek and/or Ludmila?
    We were friends and colleagues years ago but have since lost contact.

    Thank you and best regards. And I very much enjoyed your feature article about them!

    Tom Yang

  2. Lynne –
    I have a RC Gorman ceramic plate that I purchased in Arizona many years ago.
    It is the same as the one pictured on your taostyle website.
    (The curved lady outlined in black on a white/cream plate.)
    Do you know how many RC made?
    Its value?
    How best to sell it?
    Karla 949-285-5066 mobile/text

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