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Delta moved to Taos during the mid-Eighties, as a teenager from the East Coast.

Her teenage years were spent here after a childhood in Upstate New York, and here is where Delta found her creative path that eventually led to owning her own salon.

She’s always loved working with her hands and for years in fact, she made things – quirky hats she designed and constructed in collaboration with Sonia Hinton – bags, punky dog-collars and clothing for the Raves that were happening in Albuquerque at the time.

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She thought she might like to become a sign-language interpreter or a chef; she loves cooking and for awhile hired out as a cook for retreats, but a move to Seattle in the 90’s sent her on a different path that eventually led her to studying the art of hair.

On a whim,she went to beauty school and then apprenticed with one of Seattle’s top stylists, before working at a Barber Shop for a time.

The birth of her son, Finn, was the deciding factor in moving back to Taos.

“I didn’t want him growing up in the city,” she explains.

She got a job at Salon Marjorie and began building a clientel. She stayed there for three years during which time, she began travelling to Paris to study with the great French hair guru, Jacques Dessange.

In 2007, she opened Salon X (with her former partner, who remains in the original location under the name Marie Fleur) and for the past nine years has received The Best Of Taos Award – either in first or second place.

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This year was no exception.

Two years ago, Delta parted ways with Marie and moved Salon X to its current location.

She sized up with the intention of creating a full-service Salon/Day Spa. In those early days, she worked alone in the lofty space, getting the word out and working on her long-term plans.

These days, the salon’s chairs are all occupied, the spa services coveted by many, and it is by far the most popular salon in Taos, winning First Place for Best Of Taos this year.

The Gallery Space at Salon X – it’s also an art and event venue – is about to have a face lift; Alan Vetter of Vanilla Pop fame (see their site linked below this post) will be curating the art for the space which he’s also renamed – The Pompadour Gallery.

A new show of Oscar Burnett’s work opens at the end of September.

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Delta meanwhile is studying for the esteemed National Certified Colorist diploma and is interested in becoming an educator for a colour line – down the line.

“I love learning,” she says, “and in this field, one really does need to keep on top of new technologies and trends.”

She’s thrilled with her Salon X team and feels her hard work is finally beginning to pay off.

“It’s still hard work nevertheless,” she says wryly, “but well worth it.”

These great shots of Delta were taken by Heather Sparrow at the end of our glorious summer, outside Salon X.

The Shears were forged by Christina Sporrong.

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Taos literary luminary John Niichols stopped by (yes, he gets his hair cut at Salon X) and Heather got this great shot of him with Delta in the doorway.

For more info on Salon X and the services they provide, do visit their site linked below.


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Photographs by Heather Sparrow



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