Improv Medicine Show


Integrative Medicine de Taos presents the Taos Health Symposium July 10-14 at the Sagebrush Inn.

IMdT will be hosting five educational and entertaining events, beginning on Sunday with Taos Talks and Improv Medicine Show.


Improv Medicine Show is the brainchild of Jason Pfeifer whom you met here on the blog recently. Jason, who is the Coordinator for Taos Cancer Support Services, also has a background in theater, and felt that Improvisational Theater would be a terrific way to educate people on various medical practices and the challenges that arise for both health practitioners and patients.

He is joined by Irene Loy, Christine Sherwood (author of Fire and Ash; The Alchemy Of Cancer) and Holly Laudal for the troupe’s first outing at the Taos Health Symposium.


Both Jason and Christine are Cancer survivors who have integrated their healing experiences into their creative work as artists.

Monday through Thursday there will be a (free to the public) Community Health Fair.

On Tuesday evening there is a Live Panel discussion planned, along with a screening of the Documentary Film, Escape Fire, The Fight To Rescue America.


On Thursday the event will close with a Community Cannabis Panel and Discussion.

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Please visit the website linked below this post for more info and to purchase tickets for the event

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