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Road tripping through Northern New Mexico during  Autumn a few years ago, Ashleigh Beyer decided to stop in Taos for a day.

It was the Fall Equinox and she thought a yoga class would be the perfect way to celebrate the changing of the Seasons and her changing life.

Having left Brooklyn, N.Y., where she had spent several years garnering a reputation as one of the foremost Yoga Teachers in the City, she’d returned to Boulder, where she grew up, to chart a new direction for her life. Staying with her mother, she’d explored Colorado but it didn’t seem like a fit, so she decided to take a road trip, explore the rest of the West and hopefully find “her” place.

Ashleigh in Guatemala Warrior 3 (1)

With thousands of hours of experience in classrooms in New York, leading Yoga Retreats in Dominica and Guatemala, Ashleigh is a Senior Vinyasa Teacher but the day she dropped into Shree Yoga Taos she was just another student.

Genevieve was teaching the class,” she says. “I was really impressed with her, she was incredibly clear and the way she wove the energy of the Equinox into her class that day, had a real impact on me – it was quite masterful and inspired.”

“I made a point of thanking her after class and she told me I had a beautiful smile.” Ashleigh smiles her beautiful smile as she remembers.

Ashleigh Autumn Equinox

She left Taos and headed north back to Colorado but the following weekend she felt drawn back to the Land of Enchantment. This time she dropped in on Suki’s class.

“I don’t know what got into me really, but after this beautiful class with this beautiful woman, I went up to her, to thank her as I had done with Genevieve, and somehow I found myself asking if I could teach there.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Ashleigh’s Shree Slow Jams Yoga Hour class is packed, popular and powerful.

“It’s all about the music!” She tells me. “The music inspires the class.”

She still leads the occasional retreat and teaches at other venues, Ojo Caliente included, along with teaching private classes also, but Shree remains special to her. Her touchstone in Taos.

Ashleigh Shree Altar

Ashleigh is also passionate about teaching Yoga teachers how to teach; she and Aura Garver co-created and teach the 200 Aurafitness Flow-Based teacher training.

A writer (the link to her blog is below this post),she also is a frequent blogger for Vapour Beauty,  a B.E.S.T. practitioner (you can read her guest post about B.E.S.T. here) and now on her way to a Master’s degree that will enable her to practice as a Therapist, helping people in more ways than she is currently able.

A life of spiritual service seems to be in the cards for this multi-faceted, emotionally perceptive and extremely sensitive young woman, who landed in Taos with typical serendipity, and has in five short years, become an integral part of our community.

For more info on Ashleigh and her teaching schedule, please visit Shree’s link below this post.


Portrait of Ashleigh by Bill Curry

Other images c/o Ashleigh Beyer