Taos Blue


Taos Blue celebrates 27 years on Bent Street this month!


When Sue Westbrook opened Taos Blue at the top of Bent Street across from the Historic Taos Inn, she was fully aware that she’d stumbled upon one of the best locations in town, even though at the time, it was little more than a hole in the wall.

She’d already been in business here for sometime – she had bought Clay & Fiber from John Wilson, opened Lo Fino and they both co-existed in the building where the Mesa Brewing Tap Room is now installed. She ran three business for sometime until it proved too much and she eventually closed Lo Fino/Clay&Fiber to focus exclusively on Taos Blue.

(“I was brought here by Divine Movement,” Sue laughs when I ask what brought her here from the Big Easy).


Nonetheless, Sue, (who had come here from New Orleans with a solid background in Interior Design), knew she could make this space work, size not withstanding.

Within a few years she’d expanded into the adjoining space and today, the gallery is one of the most popular in town, representing over 65 artists and artisans, including Harold Davidson (with Sue in the shot above), Nancy Hirsch, Deb Komitor, Pam Caidin and Katherine Canella whose work is shown here.

“I’m committed to finding the best hand crafted, made in America Art and crafts to showcase here.”

“People tell me they drove all the way (from Santa Fe) to come here,” Sue says. “I hear that a lot.”


Her own creative impulse is evident in her store displays and especially her stunning windows which the gallery has become known for far and wide. Again, there are return visitors who make a point of stopping by just to look at the latest window display!

It takes a certain know how and eye for space and style to make so many disparate artists (including those shown here) work in one space, but Sue manages to do it while still keeping the space open and inviting.

“I like to see things of difference live happily together,” she tells me.


Her very easy and gracious way with people is a huge plus too, and has had much to do with putting Taos Blue on the map as a serious destination spot for visitors to Taos.

Savvy locals know they’ll find the perfect, most unique gifts right here. No need to look any further for weddings, birthdays etc., for quality, hand-crafted and often unexpected objects d’art.

This year during the annual Bonfires on Bent Street, (usually the second weekend in December) be sure to stop in and say hello to Sue while enjoying the community event that encourages locals to get out and do some stress free shopping right here in town.


“Taos needs to be committed to Taos!” says Sue.

In fact all along Bent Street, you’ll find everything you need for everyone on your list this Holiday Season, beginning with Taos Blue. From extraordinary painters to jewelers, potters and sculptors at every price point, Sue has sourced the best of the best and has brought them all together in her little Gallery where Bent Street meets the Paseo.

To discover more about Taos Blue, please visit their site linked below.



Photo of Sue with Harold Davidson (that’s his Ram Fetish) and all images c/o Taos Blue