Beauty Is Skin Deep

Long ago, in another lifetime, I worked as a make-up artist for several years.

I started very young, working for print and film in South Africa, and continued while living in NYC because writing about Rock ‘n Roll didn’t pay nearly as much as maquillage! I am also a trained Aesthetician although I never practiced, but I do know a thing or two about beauty.

And yes it is skin deep. No amount of make-up will work its magic unless the canvas it is applied to is cleansed, moisturized and cared for. When I worked as a make-up artist, I was fanatical about prepping the model’s skin before applying any foundation (which I used sparingly, if at all), to make sure the skin glowed. That was my signature, and remains so; even now at this late date, I’m good with moisturizer (some days a tinted one helps) and a swipe of red lippy. Other than mascara, unless I’m going to some event, I usually forego the rest.

Living in the High Desert is even more reason to take good care of the largest organ your body has. Our hot, dry summers and cold, harsh winters wreak havoc on the epidermis, and as we get older it’s even more important to adjust and amplify our skin care routines.

A good cleanser and moisturizer might have been all you needed in your teens and twenties, but by your thirties, an eye serum should be added to your regimen. Then, when your fourties approach it’s time for the aha’s. mild glycollic and a nightcream or brightening product with retinol. If you’ve been taking good care and removing make-up before bed, drinking enough water and eating well, you’ll be able to avoid the harsher procedures (Botox, fillers) that a lot of women run for as their fifth decade looms.

What you eat and drink, how much you sleep and exercise along with the thoughts you think, all have an impact on how you look and feel. If you feel good, you look good. Period.

As someone who has chosen not to go for the aforementioned procedures (in my sixties I am comfortable with my lines), if my skin glows, I am okay with the rest. I have however always taken great care of my own skin and believe in frequent facials.

Currently I am doing a series of PCA Peels with Retinol boosters at Salon X with the lovely Tianna Bolchunos This is the optimum time of year for peels because one needs to be vigilant about staying out of the sun during the process, and unless you are a skier, it’s much easier to do in winter. The results are spectacular and not a day goes by when someone doesn’t comment about how good my skin looks.

If you are a skier, springtime might be a better time for you to do the  pro – grade glycollics, but a regular Facial for exfoliation and amping up the moisture in your skin, is good at any time of year.

Tianna has taken over the Facial room at Salon X, and is offering mini-facials for only $30.00 through the end of January, to encourage new clients who have not yet had one, to come in and be pampered. Tianna takes great care of her own skin and it shows – she is drop dead gorgeous with or without make-up, which is the way it should be.

No one wants or needs to wear a mask to face the world, so your path to beauty should begin with skin care first. Good products are well worth the long term investment and Tianna uses the PCA line that is for sale at the Salon. Tianna is also available for hair, make-up and expert manis and pedis.

The woman is an all ’round Beauty Bombshell, who is only too happy to share her secrets!

For more info on Tianna’s mini Facial Special, do visit Salon X’s link below this post.


Photographs by Damien Moreau






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