Twirl’s Invent Event! Is Back

For the third year in a row, Twirl has partnered up with Taos schools to produce the truly spectacular Invent Event! at the Enos Garcia Gym.

A couple of weeks ago I dropped by Twirl to talk to Anais and Nina to see what they had planned for this year.

Anais Rumfelt was in front of the computer up the Dragon Staircase, in the cockpit of this non-profit that does so much for the kids in our community.

“You really need to talk to Nina,” she told me as she loaded me up with information. “She’s at Twirl Too.”

Twirl Too is a small space around the corner from the flagship store. It is here where the kids gather under Nina’s (and various teachers from the schools), tutelage, to create the awesome projects Twirl showcases throughout the year, but especially at the Invent Event!.

Nina Silfverberg,was in the midst of pasting triangular shapes decorated by the kids, onto 3D geometric cardboard shapes. She was struggling with one of them and seemed both frustrated and relieved that I’d dropped by. Time was an issue. These pieces were part of a community fractal installation which will be on display at the event.

“Nikki Ross (one of Twirl’s original founders), envisioned this as a Maker Fair with the Community, I was hired to do the first one – I’d done Christmas displays for them and they liked my work – which I imagined was a kooky kind of art project, but it has since morphed into a full on Community Collaboration with tremendous integrity.”

Producing an event like this is no small feat but the Twirl Triumvirate are nothing if not resourceful and inspired!

The Community too has risen to the occasion which celebrates creativity and technology.

“There are drones, solar race cars, fiber art, clay, art works on paper (and cardboard), and so much more.” Nina explained.

“It’s huge,” Anais had told me as I was leaving the cockpit. “It’s a really big deal, the whole Community comes out.”

Leading up to Invent Event!, Twirl is working with 750 students at 8 area elementary schools, exploring fractals, other cutting edge technology and making art.

Over 20 different stations showcasing a range of technologies and materials, including building and woodworking, solar technology, fiber play, puppet-hacking, recycled art, fractal play, robotics, 3D printing, electronics, flying machines, mad machines, tinker toddlers and much more, will be on display at the Enos Garcia Gym this Saturday from 12 pm – 4 pm.

Come and discover the creativity, skills and talent of the Taos community, and use your own imagination to make, create and innovate! Is the singular message of this extraordinary event spearheaded by these three truly Remarkable Taos Women.

This event is sponsored and supported by too many in our community to name individually here (I have included a Sponsor list below this post), but to be sure they will all be there on Saturday when the Gym is transformed into Twirl Too, too.

For more information on the Third Annul Invent Event!, please visit Twirl’s site linked below this post, and if you are in town this weekend with kids in tow, do go!


Sponsors include: LANL Foundation, Centinel Bank, Brownrice Internet, accesso Siriusware, Magee Build, Taos News, Guerrilla Graphics, Wolfgang Spaworks, Taos Rockers, Dimond Mortgage and Chokolá Bean to Bar.
Partners include: PPC Solar, Explora, Weaving Southwest, Vortex Yarns, Wholly Rags, Kit Carson Electric Coop, Fractal Foundation, taosARC, SECOnds, First Robotics Los Alamos, Taos Steam Academy, Inspire, Anansi Charter, Electric Sheep, Embudo Library/Northern New Mexico Community College/Northern New Mexico STEM Mentor Collective, STEAM Lab@Tisa, Penasco Theatre, Truekids 1, KNCE Radio Broadcasting, UNM Taos, Miles Bonny, Field Institute of Taos, LEAP, Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, and Steel Labs.


All images c/o Twirl except for Nina with the fractals, taken on my iphone