Birds Of A Feather

When the Manzanita Market opened in November last year, the bare white walls reflected the snow that continued to fall through the Winter.

At some point, as the windows steamed up from the breath of customers who gathered around tables, and the steaming bowls of delicious broth and pots of tea they came for, art began to appear on the stark expanse of wall space.

As Winter turned to Spring, a flock of ravens appeared beneath the rafters above the entry; so realistic were these portents of things to come, one expected them to fly away at any moment.

Fly The Nest is a collaborative art installation by a few of the most talented young artists living and working in Taos.

Anais Rumfelt (the creator of the aforementioned ravens), Kelly Igoe (who painted the wondrous Mandala Mural at Shree Yoga Taos, ceramicist Ariana Zaia, Marianne Fahrney who is a multi-talented artist, cook, baker and mother extraordinaire, with music by “Madcat” Jack Lorang (who will be featured on the blog next week), will all be at the Manzanita Market this Saturday from 5-7pm for the opening of their gorgeous show.

Yesterday I popped by to chat with owner Jen Hart and her assistant, Brenda Steele, about the show and the inclusion of other art at the Manzanita Market, where a black and white mural has begun to snake around the back (kitchen) wall, along the front of the counter.

“It’s a collaborative mural by women artists, ” Jen explained. “The theme is Food As Medicine, and the first part, which you see here, is by Anna Ramos.”

“Each artist will literally pick up the thread to tell a story.” Brenda said. “If you closely at the image, you’ll see there are two “sisters”; one is kind hearted and out of her mouth come flowers, the other is filled with negative energy and when she opens her mouth, snakes come out.”

I was reminded of Jesus’ wise admonition that it is not what goes into you that will kill you, but what comes out of your mouth. Shamanic healing relies on the same principles from Meso-America to Jerusalem…

“With regards to Fly The Nest, I just want to help them with exposure.” Jen told me, “They are all so talented.”

And it certainly doesn’t hurt to have great work on those long expanses of wall space.

As we spoke the lovely Kelly Igoe arrived and informed me that she, Anais and Ariana would be hanging their art once the space closed for the day.

I returned at the appointed hour and chatted to the three women about their new work and the concept behind Fly The Nest.

I asked Anais about her ravens, which are an ongoing theme for her right now, appearing in the beautiful paintings she was getting ready to hang.

“They are about authenticity, messages from beyond, and magic.” She said. “Something we could all use right now .”

“We were talking about the concept of the nest.” Kelly added. ” From making a nest to leaving the nest, flying the nest – the bird theme just seemed to evolve.”

Ariana was busy at the long, communal table, getting ready to hang two large branches from the ceiling to which she would affix her ceramic bird house/nests.

“We included Jack,” she interjected, “because he’s literally flying the nest.” Jack is leaving to spend the summer in Spain next week,  Jack will have copies of his latest CD (Space Folk), on hand.

Marianne’s wire chandeliers were already hanging from the vigas as she was busy in the proverbial nest with her two young sons. Dinner time was approaching and mother bird was on duty.

Kelly was preparing to hang her whimsical works “in two zones.”

“One will be framed work and the other, unframed and a bit raw.” she explained.

I left the three women on chairs, ladders and tables, as the sun began to sink in the West and the light began to fade.

Fly The Nest opens this Saturday, May 27th at the Manzanita Market on Taos Plaza, with a reception for the artists and music by Jack Lorang,  from 5-7pm.


All photos except for shot of the women (taken on my iphone) thanks to Anais Rumfelt.