Taos Poetry Festival

This weekend the Taos Poetry Festival returns to SOMOS/Society Of The Muse Of The Southwest.

Thanks to James Navé, Poetry continues its long tradition aqui en Taos.

Navé is recognized as one of the pioneers of the performance poetry movement in the United States. Among many of his considerable accomplishments,  he and (former Taos resident), Julia Cameron established and directed The Artist’s Way Creativity Camps, workshops based on Cameron’s Best Seller The Artist’s Way

Poesy has a long and vibrant history here in our little town, thanks to the late Peter Rabbit (Douthit) and Anne MacNaughton, poets and founders of the late, great and never to be forgotten Taos Poetry Circus and the World Poetry Bout. In fact Taos Poetry Festival Director, James Navé and I first met while serving on the Taos Poetry Circus Board.

The Poetry Circus continues to make its magic felt in many of our lives in ridiculous ways. taoStyle Sponsor and Heritage Hotel’s Marketing whizz, Maresa Thompson and I first met when she (as a young poet on the  Albuquerque scene), volunteered for the “Circus,”

Anne MacNaughton, as an educator in Taos schools, has long championed young poets and writers in Taos, and is a true literary force in our community. Navé continues to carry that torch, keeping poetry alive in Taos,

This year, long time member of the Board of Directors of SOMOS, and fine poet herself, Pnyllis Hotch will be the featured local poet. She, along with Ashville based Allan Wolf, Brooklyn based poet (and Rumi translator), Haleh Liza, another Carolina based poet, Cara Hagan, together with selected Taos Youth Poets, will be appearing at the TCA on Saturday, June 17th.

There are many more poets and events scheduled and it’s a great opportunity to hear some truly inspiring spoken word magic! Poetry is uplifting, thought provoking, head scratching good medicine for these times, and it’s a fact, poets are always in the know.

All other events will be held during the week long event, at the SOMOS Salon at 108 Civic Plaza Drive.

For more information on this event plus the itinerary, please visit the SOMOS site and Navé’s site listed below.



Photographs of Phyllis and Jim c/of the Poet and the Muse