Claireworks Celebrates 20 Years

This week, Claire Haye has reached a milestone; two decades in her beautiful, eponymous Gallery on the road to Taos Ski Valley.

One of my favourite women in a town known for its Remarkable Women, Claire is a truly creative being. I’ve known her for over the two decades she celebrates this month, and she always has more than a few irons in the fire.

Consequently, I am sure that she will have some work anniversary ideas planned for this 20-year milestone.

I have always been so impressed with the way that Claire treats her employees. She always takes time out of her day to show her members of staff that they are appreciated so I am sure they will do the same for her in celebration of all of her achievements.

Moreover, I am certain that her team have been hard at work researching work anniversary gifts ahead of this monumental week.

So, how would I describe her work?

Her work is deeply feminine in a very feminist sense, but in no way does she or her art alienate or separate itself from men. In fact I would say that Claire tries hard through her ‘voice’ to build sweet bridges to understanding between men and women in a time where it has become ever more difficult and even contentious. Men love her work and buy it, for their wives, girlfriends and themselves!

Just last week I saw a man wearing a Claire Haye pendant!

I’ve featured Claire on the blog a few times, being both a friend and a big fan of her work. Her jewelry is a go-to gift for my daughters and friends and occasionally, even myself!

Claire’s pieces are truly wearable art which is not a big surprise considering she is a highly accomplished artist; a sculptor, painter and writer.

I asked Claire to tell us a little about what this anniversary means to her, at this time on her creative journey.

“I opened Claireworks Gallery in the charming mountain village of Arroyo Seco, New Mexico in 1997. Twenty years later I am still here and thriving.

The gallery is just outside the famous art town of Taos on the road to our ski resort. I am a prize-winning sculptor and artist.

I have created and nurtured a beautiful indoor space and sculpture garden to showcase my own creations.

I sell my art and jewelry exclusively in my own space and on my website. This is the only place to buy my work.

Over the years I have developed a loyal and affectionate following.

I maintain a supportive contributing relationship with my community.

As you can tell, Claire is not only an amazing talent, she is also incredibly modest for a woman who has accomplished so very much as an artist, a business woman, a mother and a grand mother. She’s a veritable force of nature in fact, and I for one can hardly wait to see what she does over the next two decades!

For much more about Claire and her work, please visit her Website linked below this post.


All images thanks to Claire Haye

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  1. Congratulations, Claire on 2 decades! I admire you for the success you have made with your art & business sense. Your work is beautiful and affordable. And you have always been there for the animals. Here’s to you!

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