Taos Memories At Taos Historic Museums

Not too long ago Taos Valley was still relatively isolated from the rest of the country, a charming but remote mountain village.

The Pueblo and Hispanic Communities lived in accordance to the changing seasons, celebrating each with ritual and rites that had long become habitual. Catholic trappings were attached to Native tradition and then when the Anglos started to come, they brought their own point of view to the mix. Before long the remote village had acquired a reputation as an important Art Colony

When I first arrived here  in 1980, I stayed with my then husband, Sonny,  my son Joshua and our baby daughter, Angelica at the La Fonda Hotel. There were still hitching posts on Taos Plaza and Cowboys still used ’em. Mountain Men and Indians too. The old men from the Pueblo sat on the benches, wrapped in their blue blankets soaking up the sun. The Plaza was the heart of the town. Cantinas and a drugstore, a Movie Theater that operated.

There was a J.C. Penny store (Michael McCormick’s Gallery occupies the far end of it), and a smoke shop where the World Cup is now housed. The aforementioned artists were still here but had since been joined by Hippies and Spiritual Seekers, but Taos still felt very Faraway From The Everyday.

 Taos Historic Museums will host a dual opening at both the Blumenschein Home and Museum and The Hacienda de Los Martinez, on Saturday August 12th.

Taos Memories Forgotten and Now Remembered –  Taos memorias olvidadas ahora recardado, is an extraordinary show of historical photographs of the people of the tri-cultural community who lived in the Taos Valley before the advent of digital imagery and instagram information, 

Taos Historic Museums and Taos County Historical Society  invite you to attend this unique and very important, duel museum, multicultural, historical opening.

Photographs have been curated from both the museums and various private collections for this truly ambitious show that promises to tug at heartstrings with its nostalgic backward look at a far more innocent time.  Albeit not without its own challenges and hardships. Through this visual chronicle we see how the march of time has changed the surface of the town, but the town’s humanity remains; the cross cultural exchange has left a unique imprint on our present day community.

From personal snapshots to professional portraits and captures, this is a show no one who lives here and loves this community, will want to miss. That said, visitors to Taos will also  greatly appreciate this pictorial documentation  of the richly diverse heritage here in this High Desert Valley.

Please support this wonderful community event at both the Hacienda de Los Martinez and The Blumenschein Home and Museums, and do plan on visiting both museums to see this spectacular exhibition in its entirety.

The museums (and Historical Society), are counting on the community’s help in identifying  family and friends you may recognize. Photographic copies will be available for purchase.

Taos Memories Forgotten and Now Remembered. runs at both museums from August 13th through October 9th, with the opening on Saturday, August 12th from 3-6pm at both museums. Refreshments will be served. This promises to be a really fun celebration, and one locals especially, will greatly enjoy.

For more information on this exhibit and others planned, please visit the Site linked below this post.


All images c/o Taos Historic Museums