All Souls Day At The Martinez Hacienda

Long a tradition in these parts, All Saints and All Souls Day are observed with ritual and prayer as October comes to an end and November heralds the advent of Winter.

This Sunday, October 29th, David Fernandez (Taos Historic Museums Board Member and Presenter of Sunday’s program.), invites you to participate in this very special event to be held at the Hacienda de los Martinez at 2pm.

The Hacienda, one of the last “Great Houses” in Northern New Mexico, is located at 708 Hacienda Way, off Lower Ranchitos Road, about four miles Southwest of Taos. The fortress-like building has many stories sealed inside its three feet deep adobe walls, but it is mainly known for being the childhood home of the renowned Padre Martinez, making it the perfect venue for this hallowed tradition.

A Traditional Alabados Prayer Song for all the Santos (Carved Saints) and all the departed Souls is planned and all who participate are encouraged to add remembrances, thoughts, and prayers to the Ofrendas/Offering Altar.

This is also a great opportunity for those new to the area, to learn about the  the importance and the meaning (of the Santos), and their Living Role in Taos and Northern  New Mexico over the past 400 years.  From La Conquistadora in the 1680 Pueblo Revolt to the Cristo at the Santuario de Chimayó, and so much more.

All the historical and traditional importance of this event aside, it is always a delight to view the incredible art and antiquities that have been lovingly curated and restored by the Taos Historical Museums.

This is a community event and is Free and open to all who have a sincere interest in the History and Living Traditions of the Centuries old, Hispanic Community in Taos and Northern New Mexico. A discussion  (with questions and answers) will take place, and refreshments will be served.

I asked David Fernandez, to elaborate a bit on this celebration and its meaning to those who have observed it for Centuries.

“Well there are two days that are observed,” he said. “Stemming from the Catholic Church, we have All Saints Day (on Nov 1), and then All Souls Day (Nov 2), which are celebrated all over the Americas, and here in New Mexico, the Pueblos observe these days as well.”

“In Taos, (at the Pueblo), on All Soul’s Day, they take food to the cemetery and it’s known as a  Day of Blessing – for those still alive and those who preceded us – the Ancestors – and by extension all those coming through us in the future – it’s a mighty and mysterious celebration!”

“Through remembrance,” he continued, “we create an opening in the heart and through the heart,” he reflected, “we connect to the heart of humanity, to the continuum of history.”

“There’s a relationship here between the Old World and the New World – but the one constant (with all Peoples), is the Great Mystery.  That’s really what this Celebration is about, and I’ll talk more about that on Sunday.” He told me.


For more information about this event, please visit the Martinez Hacienda’s website linked below and/or call the museum directly at  575-758-1000.

David Fernandez can be reached at  575-758-7608 for more about Sunday’s program.



All photographs c/o Taos Historic Museums