Think Pink


It might be pumpkin season where you live, but here in Taos, today is a Pink Day and everything has a rosy glow.

During October (National (Breast) Cancer Awareness Month), our community comes out in full force to help those among us who have been afflicted with this terrible disease. Helping hands and generous donations make a huge difference in so many people’s lives, so it’s vital that we thank these people who are giving up their time and money to help fight this illness. Throughout October, people look to raise awareness for this medical condition to ensure that more people are educated on the symptoms that could indicate a problem. The sooner these symptoms are noticed, the quicker medical professionals can be contacted. To raise awareness, people can donate money, or they could also consider raising awareness in other ways too. Cancer comes in multiple forms, from breast cancer to childhood cancer. It’s so important to draw up breast cancer and childhood cancer awareness to ensure that more people become educated on these illnesses, helping to keep them safe from it.

The folks at Holy Cross Hospital’s Cancer Support Services (Ira Vandever, Susan Strong, Liz Fox, and Christine Sherwood, who has replaced Founder Jason Pfiefer as the Support Group facilitator, all expend so much hard work and energy to ensure that Cancer patients in Taos have access to all the resources at their disposal.

I wanted to say something about the Support Groups that happen here in Taos every Tuesday evening. They were founded and implemented by the wonderfully talented Jason Pfiefer (a Cancer survivor himself), who facilitated them, assisted by Liz Fox, until earlier this year.

The groups are now led by Christine Sherwood, the author of Fire and Ash; The Alchemy Of Cancer. Christine too, is a survivor of the disease and is known far and wide for the brilliant retreats she facilitates at Ghost Ranch for Women with Cancer. Each of these profoundly caring and compassionate individuals have a different style in their approach to leading these groups, but suffice it to say, they each have unique insight they bring to the room.

I found out about these groups through another friend with Lymphoma (the Cancer i was diagnosed with.) They have been such a help to me/my healing process and I value them and the stories I’ve heard shared as an integral part on my path to healing.

Sharing our fears, hopes and dreams is hugely cathartic, and trite but true, we are stronger together. I encourage newly diagnosed patients to seek out and participate in these groups. You can (and will), thank me later.

Local businesses and individuals come forward year after year to support the Program. Southside Spa deserve an honorary mention.

” Last year Southside Spa raised over $1000.00 for us” Liz Fox told me’

Another business worthy of mention is High Frequency Loft.

“Those folks are amazing.” Says Liz. ” They combine yoga with acrobatics, and get about anyone airborne! ”

“Hard working kids trying to make it happen and she did not hesitate to offer up some classes for us.”

Everyone else who has and continues to contribute to the cause, a great big thank you from all of us who benefit from your generosity and compassion. I believe I listed everyone in these posts, and if I missed you, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment!

Meanwhile, there are still events lined up throughout the month of October, and you can view them all right here on the blog, in The Story Of The Pink Ribbon.

All throughout October, there have been fabulous, well attended events, from the Silent Auction to Plantfeast, but the month is not over yet and you can still order a Pink Drink at the Taos Inn to benefit the cause, and T-shirts are for sale year round at the Holy Cross Hospital gift shop!

For much more information on Holy Cross Hospital’s Cancer Support Services and the resources they provide, please visit their site, linked below.

Paint Taos Pink

Holy Cross Cancer Support Services