Green Is Pink


In October at any rate, and this Saturday, the 7th, you can indulge in an exceedingly Green Feast to benefit Pink October!

Thanks to Liz Fox, Chef Dillon Indira Tisdel (Oh Holy Basil) will be preparing one of her renowned, whimsical and creative, plant-based meals  to benefit Holy Cross Hospital’s Cancer Support Services.

Plantfeast  is a community based dinner and Liz who is a vegetarian herself, is naturally excited about this event. Liz works tirelessly year round to bring awareness to the cause. Although she has not had Cancer herself, both of her parents did, and she knows only too well, the other side of the story. That of the caregiver. This dinner is an awesome opportunity for caregivers and/or family of Cancer patients,  to learn more about the Vegan diet.

For Cancer patients, great nutrition plays a huge part in the healing process, and in many cases, those stricken with the disease choose to go vegan, at least in the early stages of their diagnosis and healing.

This is a chance for you to discover more about this way of mindful eating. One thing I know now, is that there is no one size fits all approach to nutrition or health, but “eating the rainbow” is a surefire way to get your vitamins and ensure that your food is your medicine!

Chef Tisdel’s menu’s are all vegan, organic, gluten-free and absolutely delicious. The food is so beautifully presented and as you can see from these images, Dillon and her team are committed to creating an incredibly unique experience; one that is is feast for all of the senses!

This promises to be a fabulous event, so do make a reservation before it sells out!

For more information about Oh Holy Basil, check out their link and to book a seat at the table, please contact Liz Fox. or call her at 575 779-0065.

Oh Holy Basil

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All images thanks to Chef Tisdel