Southwest Wellness Celebrates 420

April is usually a slow time up here in Taos.

Not so this year! There is so much going on in town and around, I’m hard pressed to find the time or space to post about it all! One of the events I’m most excited about (420) is coming up fast.

This week, Friday is 4/20 and we know what that means! And if you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past few decades and don’t, well here’s a bit of urban lore for you to chew on.

WEED Day is an unofficial celebration dedicated to cannabis that is marked in various locations around the world every year. People gather to smoke or consume marijuana together, often using the occasion to push for the legalisation of the drug. People often take their dab rigs to show off their latest dabbers and dab torches!

Many believe that 420 culture first stemmed from the San Rafael High School in California, where legend has it that In 1971, five students hatched a plan to meet at 4:20pm. They then embarked on a mission to find a plot of cannabis plants that were rumoured to be growing nearby.

Even though their mission was allegedly unsuccessful, 420 continued to be used as a secret code for smoking marijuana, and today, it remains a term used to describe the consumption of weed, especially at around 4:20 pm in the afternoon. Or all day on April 20th!

420 festivities are widespread in the US, where observances of the day have been held in a myriad of locations, including Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, and Parliament Hill in Ontario. Denver’s Mile High 420 Festival is huge, and cannabis lovers in other countries have followed suit and have also adopted the tradition. Hyde Park in London, has proven to be a hotspot for Weed Day celebrations over the past several years.

4/20 is the day to celebrate smoking pot, and with so many states having legalized adult-use marijuana, the events are getting bigger and crazier – turning into full-on festivals! Now, there are even pot rental companies, which are Marijuana friendly lodges! Of course, there are 420 locations to choose from and you can smoke as much pot in them as you like. Going away to celebrate 420 is a new and great trend, especially if you and your friends love to chill out after. The day is no longer just celebrated with a knowing wink and nod among cannabis consumers — now there are also big, corporate-sponsored parties. Instead of a predictable Grand Opening, Southwest Wellness decided 4/20 was the right day to introduce themselves to the community!

So if you are dreaming of fields of green, you’ve come to the right place. Well, if you’re in possession of a Medical Marijuana card that is. And if you are not (and imagine they are hard to get), Southwest Wellness have a Doctor’s office on the premises where you can apply for one effortlessly.

Even if you are sans card at the moment, you can definitely enjoy the party planned for this coming Friday in the parking lot outside Southwest Wellness ( 1023 Salazar Rd, ) in Taos. And, if you’re not able to make it to one of these fests, you can always read through some reviews of CBD oils on Attack The Back and consider sampling some things from the comfort of your own home. Back to the Taos show, though.

From 12-6 pm, there will be food (first come first serve), beverages, treats and things to see and buy from the vendors who turn the flowers growing in the greenhouses at Southwest Wellness, into the products and edibles for sale in the dispensary, there will be merchandise for sale and lots of information on the products they make, as well as an opportunity to talk to them and learn about their businesses.

They’ll also have some (non-thc) items on hand to sample.

There will be Giveaways and a DJ providing music all day – it’s a party so do come by and say hi, and meet the folks who have made this incredible opportunity for Taos (and our long-term economy), happen!

Just remember, if you are going to partake in the use of cannabis throughout 420, it is important to check first whether or not your employer might ask you to complete a marijuana drug test at any point as traces of marijuana can be found in the body up to 30 days after use. Some employers carry out these tests sporadically and others incorporate them as part of their pre-employment screening processes and therefore it is fundamental that you take appropriate steps to avoid any repercussions in the workplace.

Southwest Wellness have already begun to make their mark on Taos with their state of the art greenhouses (designed by Doug Patterson ) for the largest Medical Grow in New Mexico; providing employment for locals, as well as pain relief for many patients that avail themselves of the cannabis products in the dispensary.

For the lucky cardholders among you, there will be a few specials in honor of the day, including 4 pre-rolls for $20.00, $42.00 quarter oz’s and $5.00 off all edibles!

You can’t beat that!

For much more information on Southwest Wellness and their 420 Celebration in Taos, please visit the site linked below.


Images of Cannabis Stock Files, images of products sold at Southwest Wellness, thanks to Samantha Serna at Southwest Wellness in Albuquerque.