TAO Labor Day Studio Tour

Every year since 2008, the artists of the Taos Artist Organization (TAO) have held a Labor Day Studio Tour.

The working studios of many Taos artists are open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Labor Day weekend.

This event gives visitors a rare opportunity to see the artist’s creative spaces, listen to them discuss their process and purchase affordable art.

?The Taos Artist Organization helps the community to create a forum for visual artists (along with the greater community), to inspire one another during these interactions.

Their mission aptly states: A powerful art community organization is created when we all focus on moving the energy together and include private sponsorships, professional assistance and many volunteer services. Our intention is that this organization will attract local, national and worldwide attention and reveal the Taos area as the strong “artists’ colony” that our world-wide visitors expect to find here.

This weekend you’ll have a chance to meet a few of the extraordinary artist’s you’ve read about here, on taoStyle, including Bill Baron, Claire Haye and Anita Rodriguez, along with many others I’ve not got to yet!

Baron is known mainly for his Taos News cartoons, but his show, earlier this year, at the Blumenschein l et the community know that his talent goes far beyond the caricatures he creates for the paper.

Claire Haye who is known mostly for her jewelry and whimsical sculpture, is also a fine painter, ceramicist and writer, will for this outing, have wood block prints, mono types and paintings on view.

Award winning writer, artist and all round super-woman, Taosena, Anita Rodriguez will open her home studio to the public this weekend as well. Do not miss this chance to meet this exceptional woman, and see the gorgeous home she built and works in. It’s becoming a growing trend for artists to create and display their works in their homes, and some have even gone as far as to build custom sheds that have been designed with their artistry in mind, first and foremost.

The highly collected Fauvist painter and Swedish transplant, Inger Jirby, will open the doors to her Ledoux Street studio, allowing visitors a rare glimpse of the inner sanctum where she creates her color magic.

Nancy Diamond, who crafts bold Bohemian bijoux from collected metals from Native American tribes, African resins, wood and horn, semi precious stones, handmade beads – a compilation of textures and finishes that lend her pieces a rich patina, is inviting guests to get a closer view.

As is to be expected from an art colony, too many artists are involved in this event to mention individually, but you can discover much more about them, TAO, and the event itself by visiting the site linked below this post.

TAO studiotour


All images thanks to TAO