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The imminent arrival of St. Patrick’s Day, probably conjures up images of shamrock-shaped glasses and frothy cups of green beer. While that might be the most quintessentially (Irish-American) intoxicating substance of choice, a new survey shows that green beer isn’t the only way people are getting buzzed in tune with the day’s color scheme.

Last year, Cannabis Dispensaries in states where Recreational pot is legal saw a 42 percent increase in sales on and around St. Patrick’s Day, compared to the 18 percent surge that they usually see on Fridays, according to a report, which compiled data from more than 250,000 cannabis consumers and more than 5,000 survey respondents.

This is totally in line with a trend we are seeing right here in state with Medical Cannabis Card holders: New Mexicans are using marijuana on major “party” days in place of alcohol. In fact, more than 82 percent of people surveyed here recently, said that marijuana led them to reduce their alcohol intake, and 11 percent even said they’ve quit drinking entirely in favor of weed, so this coming St. Paddies day instead of getting blackout drunk, why don’t you look at getting this fruity pebbles strain.

Considering recreational marijuana is only currently legal in Alaska (see more about alaska marijuana laws here), California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Washington, DC, the Recreational User survey’s scope is limited, but in general cannabis use is slowly becoming more mainstream, with many online stores appearing that sell the product. Companies have even formed that offer marijuana business consulting for these sellers, just like you would get for any kind of company. It’s amazing when you think how profitable the business has become, compared to the days where it was traded in the shadows.

Before you get too stoned, listen up: Researchers are still digging into the long-term effects of weed on the human body. (We do know a little bit about what happens to your brain in the moment, though.) Some research shows it might be bad news for motor control, mental health, and cardiovascular function, while other studies show that it can relieve pain, decrease anxiety, and help you sleep. So be responsible and don’t put yourself or others at risk if you do choose to get high.

Here in New Mexico, cannabis is currently only available to patients enrolled in the State’s Medical Marijuana program. This is different to many other states, where recreational cannabis is widely sold. For example, this colorado weed store is free to sell various strains of cannabis and cannabis-related products to the population of Colorado.

Earlier this week, Rolling Stone Magazine reported that: Legislators who want recreational cannabis in New Mexico had just a few days to get a bill to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s desk before the legislative session ends March 16th. The bill’s arrangement – which establishes a network of cannabis dispensaries owned and operated by the state – could now serve as a national model for other states, for better or worse.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who took office in January, has said she is open to legalizing recreational marijuana, but only if there are safeguards to prevent use by children, protect the medical marijuana program, and address workplace intoxication and driving under the influence.

To complicate things further, if the proposed bill had passed, New Mexico would have become the first U.S. state to set up its own government-operated marijuana stores and subsidize medical cannabis for the poor if a bill brokered between Republicans and Democrats passes.

The idea for state-run pot shops comes from a trio of GOP state senators who broke with local Republican Party orthodoxy to embrace legal marijuana with a decidedly big-government approach, but this proposal that would make New Mexico the first U.S. state to set up government-operated marijuana stores appeared to be dead in the water on Thursday in the current legislative session.

Sen. John Sapien, a Bernalillo Democrat, said lawmakers still had questions about the measure with only hours left before they adjourned. “There are some concerns,” Sapien said. “So I think it’s dead this session.”

The bill previously passed by the state House would legalize recreational marijuana in New Mexico, stalled in the Senate Finance Committee, and it didn’t appear that Sen. John Arthur Smith, a Deming Democrat who chairs the panel, planned to give it a hearing. Smith told the Albuquerque Journal the legislation does not have enough votes to be passed out of his panel.

For the moment, New Mexico continues to only approve cannabis use to card carrying patients enrolled in its Medical Marijuana program, and although changes are afoot, you’d be well advised to apply for a card if you don’t already have one. Luck of the Irish notwithstanding!

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