Taos Mesa Brewing

  One of hippest places in town for live music is out of town actually, across the road from our soon to be expanded (just a little) airport. Taos Mesa Brewing opened in the Summer of 2012 and they’ve been rockin’ the Mesa ever since.

Robby Romero

It’s been 21 years since Robby Romero’s groundbreaking Videos for MTV and VH1 combined Music and Activism using Art as a tool for social change, but this past November during Native American Heritage Month, it appeared that the music media had finally caught up with Romero who has always been way ahead of the curve.

Summer Of The Red Willow

It’s not often that two immensely talented and well known artists of these men’s stature join forces to create what is known in Rock and Roll parlance as a Super Group, especially if they hail from Indian Country. Although they had performed together once, live on Channel 7 News N.M. in 1990 and both Industry…

Iron Horse

“When the opportunity presented itself, I suggested that the Town of Taos change the name of Kit Carson Park to Red Willow Park to honor the people of the Red Willow. I made the suggestion to kindle a conversation about one-sided perspectives that are more often than not, “his – story” not history…and I’m certain…