Iron Horse

“When the opportunity presented itself, I suggested that the Town of Taos change the name of Kit Carson Park to Red Willow Park to honor the people of the Red Willow. I made the suggestion to kindle a conversation about one-sided perspectives that are more often than not, “his – story” not history…and I’m certain the curtain has fallen on the misconceptions, stereotypes and derogatory names exploited in history books and in sports and Pop Culture, about Native Peoples.”

Robby Romero

In celebration and recognition of Native American Heritage Month, I have a post (and a Thanksgiving Day giveaway) that honors two indigenous artists.

The June 10th 2014, controversial renaming of Kit Carson (to Red Willow) Park, an ordinance that has still not gone into effect, brought together two of Taos’ Native powerhouses. Robby Romero and Robert Mirabal have joined forces to release this single (Iron Horse) with an EP in the works.

Two time Grammy Award Winner Robert Mirabal, is a Native Son of the Red Willow (Tewa) People. His talent as a writer, actor, flautist (and flute maker) has garnered him International acclaim. Robert has won many awards for his hauntingly beautiful performances, including the New Mexico Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, Native American Music Award, New York Dance and Performance Award among  others. He has appeared in several PBS specials and he portrayed Tony Lujan, the Taos Pueblo husband of Mabel Dodge Lujan, in the movie Georgia O’Keefe, starring Academy Award winning actress, Joan Allen.

Robby Romero who is of Apache descent, secured his place in the front lines of Indigenous activism for the preservation of Mother Earth, when his American Indian, stereotype-breaking Free Your Mind  public service announcements, music videos and politicised Rocumentary films for MTV and VH1 and Sundance Channel, introduced Native Rock Music to the music television generation and catapulted him into an arena of his own making. He rose to prominence with his music video campaign Is It Too Late, which was globally broadcast from the Kremlin in 1990.

He was designated an United Nations Ambassador of Youth for the Environment. Robby has toured the world as the premier Native Rock musician, tirelessly bringing awareness to the plight of indigenous people impacted by climate change, for over two decades. His groundbreaking music videos and short films have been shown on major networks worldwide, winning him multiple awards from among others, The National Congress of American Indians, The United Nations and the prestigious Cable Ace-Award. His recordings have earned Gold and Platinum status.

Robby and Robert’s first musical collaboration Iron Horse, is a rollicking, melodic rocker of a song, anthem – like in its rousing call to consciousness and is getting airplay at major stations around the USA as I write. Together these men present a formidable, united front and I am delighted to share their stories and their interwoven connections to the past and future of our town, over the next six weekends right here on taoStyle.

Iron Horse is available for purchase at itunes and and you can hear the tune on the Iron Horse link below, but if you are in the know and answer the following question correctly, you might be the lucky winner of a signed Iron Horse CD along with a limited edition Summer Of The Red Willow poster.

Q. When was November declared Native American Heritage Month?
A. 1) January 15th 2008
2) November 12th 1993
3) August 3rd 1990
The first person to comment with the right answer wins the prize! Good luck to all.

Iron Horse Cover Photo by Paul O’ Connor

Graphic Design Jack Leustig

Colour photo by Rima Karisst

Sepia photo by Carol Morgan – Eagle


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  1. Hi Lynne and thanks! I am honored to have won this. I have been a fan for some time now and am simply tickled with joy! I will email you the details shortly! 🙂 Thanks again and I am looking forward to the series!

  2. I certainly will check back. I have bookmarked this now and am very excited to see what comes along. This is an awesome event and I will be sharing it on FB as well! Have a great weekend!
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