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Kimberly Webber’s work is a visual exploration and expression of (Feminine) Archetypes deeply encoded into the memory of the Collective Feminine Consciousness.


Her work is both illustrative and painterly – her foundation as an artist is firm – she has a B.A. in Fine Art and has studied Oriental calligraphy, painting and paper-making  techniques along with classical oil training in Florence, Italy. She uses traditional pigments to make these extraordinary pieces – some larger than life-size.

2. Deer Path

Kimberly began travelling to Egypt, Jordan and other countries the Mid-East over a decade ago. She was drawn to both the ancient and mysterious undertones of the culture along with the modern expression of women raised in those cultures. She has been quite actively involved in that world for some time.

6. Etruscan (2)

Almost two years ago, she was approached by Hillary PAC and commissioned to paint a portrait of Hillary Clinton. What the Pac intends to do with it, remains to be seen – possibly it will be auctioned off to raise money for Hillary’s campaign or maybe it will be a gift to her and will soon hang in the White House.

Today is Hillary Clinton’s Birthday and I could think of no better time to showcase Kimberly’s portrait.


“Each one of my paintings is a healing mediation; a prayer for peace, empowerment, and a better world,” Kimberly says.

“In creating the portrait of Hillary Clinton I thought about how she will make history by becoming the first woman president of the United States, and hopefully set the course that will lead to a long overdue era of peace, health and prosperity.”

1. Portal

“It is time for women’s wisdom, perspective and insight to have a voice.

“But a soft voice,” she clarifies.

“Marianne Williamson says we need to embrace our inner Aphrodite now, the softer, more loving aspect of our feminine nature will serve us better through these times.”

I suggest these times are perhaps calling for more Kali energy and Mrs. Clinton clearly embodies that along with the softer side she has been showing lately.


“As I painted this portrait and included symbolic meaning,” she says, “I envisioned a world where girls and women are economically empowered and hunger is a thing of the past, where clean and sustainable energy systems  are in place, the ecological systems that sustain all life on this planet are honored, in a deep sense, the painting is a celebration of life, hope, optimism and vision.”

To see more of Kimberly’s amazing work, please visit her site linked below this post.


Portrait of Kimberly in the Aspen Grove by Heather Lynn Sparrow


Portrait and other Images care of Kimberly Webber

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